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Troubled times in Berkeley 09/30/2012
Bears sacked by Sun Devils, fall 27-17 at home 09/29/2012
Emptying Out The Notebook: Cal vs. ASUPremium Article 09/29/2012
Bear Insider Video, following Cal's 27-17 loss to Arizona StatePremium Article 09/29/2012
ASU Giving Foes a Devil of a TimePremium Article 09/27/2012
Thursday Coach Interviews, heading toward ASU 09/27/2012
Wednesday Interview: Jordan Rigsbee 09/26/2012
Famous '30s Campus Romance: The Conclusion 09/25/2012
Bear Insider Video: Tuesday Presser Premium Article 09/25/2012
Looking Back at USC: Evaluating CalPremium Article 09/24/2012
Bears Left Looking For Answers After Disappointing Loss 09/23/2012
Sunday Press Conference: Jeff TedfordPremium Article 09/23/2012
Sunday Press Concerence: Linebacker Robert Mullins 09/23/2012
Bears Dropped by Fired-up Trojans, lose 27-9 09/22/2012
Cal-USC: What we learnedPremium Article 09/22/2012
Bear Insider Video: Cal-USC PostgamePremium Article 09/22/2012
Some Dents in the Trojan WallPremium Article 09/20/2012
Coach comments before departing to USC 09/20/2012
Bear Insider Video: Super Frosh Treggs and HarperPremium Article 09/20/2012
Ohio State Rewound Premium Article 09/19/2012
Wednesday with Chris McCain 09/19/2012
Chris McCain touts Brendan Bigelow 09/19/2012
Football Star and Famous Campus Romance in the 1930s 09/18/2012
Weekly Tuesday Press Conference 09/18/2012
A Day in the Horseshoe 09/16/2012
Tedford's comments on Sunday 09/16/2012
Bears go toe-to-toe with Ohio State, fall 35-28 09/15/2012
Cal-Ohio State: Six observations 09/15/2012
Heartbreak in the Horseshoe 09/15/2012
Bear Insider Video: Cal-OSU PostgamePremium Article 09/15/2012

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