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Read These Standards Before You Post Here 


These boards exist so that Cal fans can discuss all aspects of Cal sports and to participate with each other in support of Cal's athletic programs. That's why we - in a long-established Berkeley tradition - maintain open-access public forums where diverse opinions are welcome.

This is, however, a private message board and a community with standards and sensibilities; we intend these forums a) to be family-friendly (from granddaughters to grandfathers), b) to not harm Cal's athletic programs or recruiting efforts, and c) to avoid board pollution with flame wars.

To those ends, we have formulated a short list of rules.

Rule 1: (requires no explanation)

Racism, sexism, commercial spam and/or excessive profanity are prohibited.

Rule 2: Recruiting is critical to Cal's success on the fields of competition. Recruits and their families are frequent visitors here, reading everything, both positive and negative. We have tangible evidence that excess negativity from a few fans has harmed or disrupted specific instances of Cal's recruiting efforts. Because the reason-for-being of this website is support for Cal athletics, we will not allow that to happen.

Personal denigration of Cal coaches and players is prohibited.

This is NOT to prohibit civil criticism of coaches' play calling or coaching; it IS to prevent personal attacks on them. Personal denigration of players is simply and always off limits.

Rule 3: Over time, a few posters here have locked themselves into a style where they criticize a player or a coach in nearly every post they make. We term these "repetitively negative posts", i.e. asserting a criticism over and over again. Unfortunately, these kinds of posters too easily pollute a discussion board by drowning out (or chasing away) other posters who have something else to say. This does NOT rule out negative opinions; it DOES rule out negative opinions that get repeated over and over again. Have your say once but then be done with it.

Incessant or repetitively negative posts will be deleted.

Rule 4: Posts that personally criticize other posters - as opposed to posts that might criticize their ideas or analysis - all too frequently lead to flame wars. As much as these tiny skirmishes may matter to the few participants, they waste screen space, they obscure other posts of more general interest, and are often no interest whatsoever to most readers.

Ad hominem (personal) attacks on players, coaches, and other posters (etc.) are prohibited.

Criticize what they do, or say, or suggest that someone else might do better, but don't attack the person.

Note re Board moderators:

Moderators have the responsibility to decide whether posts violate Bear Insider standards or not. They are accountable only to the publisher for their actions. If you feel that an inappropriate action has occurred - you can email us by using the Contact Us link on the website front page. Board moderators are NOT required to be either totally consistent or totally vigilant. These ordinary human beings, who also have lives elsewhere, are asked merely to do their best to help us maintain board standards.

In Summary, Board Rules Prohibit:

  1. Racism, sexism, commercial spam and/or excessive profanity.
  2. Personal denigration of Cal coaches and players
  3. Incessant repetitive negative posts
  4. Ad hominem attacks on players, coaches, and other posters.

In addition to the above, at Moderators' option, off-topic posts about subjects other than Cal sports may be deleted or moved to the Off-Topic board.


Remember Always to Obey Cal's Rules about NCAA Compliance - if you have any contact whatsoever with a potential recruit to Cal read this carefully.

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