Roster and schedule announcement by Clippers:

Jordan Mathews:

Mathews is a local boy. He went to Santa Monica High School in Los Angeles, and then played his first three seasons of college ball at Cal (alongside Tyrone Wallace). Mathews is a sweet-shooting guard, making 40.9% of his threes (5.0 attempts per game) at the college level. However, he's a bit undersized for an off-guard (various reports have him listed at 6'3" or 6'4", and weighing just over 200 pounds), and he doesn't possess the handles or vision to play point. Nothing in his stats reflects him doing all that much outside of scoring, and that combined with his size disadvantage makes him an unlikely NBA prospect. Still, if he scorches the nets in Summer League he might draw some interest.

Other Notes:
  • This is fascinating to me: outside of Jawun Evans at 6'0", every player on the roster is between 6'4" and 6'10". Some of those taller guys are definitely more big men than stretchy wings, but I like the idea of going for that middle height-range that's so prevalent in the NBA right now.

  • Another nugget: the oldest player on the roster is Jerrett, who doesn't turn 25 until next week. Last year the Clippers had all manner of decorated veterans, some of whom had real, extended stints in the NBA (Kendall Marshall and Hollis Thompson come to mind). They are not doing that this year, instead focusing on younger players, especially G-Leaguers. The reasoning behind this could be that they are looking harder at "diamond in the rough" types, but I think the more likely explanation is that with the crowding of the roster already, none of these guys has a realistic shot at making the final NBA roster. This is especially true with Delgado already on board as a two-way player, and Ty Wallace likely to return, filling in the second two-way spot. Some of these guys have NBA potential, I think, but it's not likely to be on the Clippers. I'd bet a couple end up on the Agua Caliente Clippers though.