Forget about global warming. Forget about nuclear war. Forget about the Midterm elections. forget about the daily massacres in Chicago. Forget about Russian collusion. Forget about illegal immigration. Forget about thge Hatch Act. ( look it up) Forget about the wigs worn by female politicians. No--what really has the bats flying around in my belfry are exaggerations and hyperbole. I read where an NBA team measured Ivan Rabb in his stocking feet and found that young Ivie was only six feet and eight and one-half inches. The nerve of these athletes who routinely puff up their heights to impress the gullible. Want more examples of duplicity and mendacity? How about schools puffing up their attendance figures. "today we have a crowd of 42,000 people." but, if you went to the game, you realized that there couldn't have been more than 12 people present. see what I mean about hyperbole? But exaggerating about actual crowd size is not nearly as sinful as exaggerating about your height. So--the next time an athlete tells you he's six feet 11 inches, you respond by saying, " announced or actual." I promise you will feel better.