Even easier than last year's.

We host UConn, then @ Penn State is the only top 25-caliber opponent (and they might not even be ranked, but they have that level of talent) whereas last year we had two besides UConn (Missouri & arguably Kentucky).

Penn State's Teniya Page has had a great career since day 1 at PSU and was probably considered runner-up to Anigwe for NFOY a couple years back. They also have another McD's AA-level guard in Amari Carter, I think a RS-Junior, and Mitty alum Karisma Ortiz. But as will be the case with many games, they don't seem to have a remote aswer for Anigwe inside after two starting forwards transferred out over the summer. And with Recee Caldwell eligible immediately, any backcourt edge PSU might've had sans Caldwell is erased.

Of course I know what realistic expectations should be but I would like to see a remotely competitive game vs. UConn.