Remember when the GA Raffensburger call came out - "all I need is 10,800 votes..." - and we said, "oh, you just KNOW he's trying the same thing in other states!

Well, I present to you the evidence of that presumption: The Arizona Recount.
Or, what Cindy McCain calls "ludicrous".

Elsewhere, someone posted here recently the pathetic clip of Trump saying this is going to happen in all the other states, one by one. No doubt he has had additional calls there, too!

You know, in Adam Schiff's closing argument to Impeachment #1, he predicted he would do it (Ukraine illegal attempts to win phone call) again.
He DID do it again (Jan 6, Raffensburger, Arizona...), and no doubt he's done it in countless other areas, as well.

The man is simply corrupt to the bone. Morally, ethically bankrupt.
He cheats on elections.
He cheats on taxes.
He cheats on his wives.
He stiffs hired contractors.
He grabs women for pleasure.

The crimes he has committed - one can only imagine. There are no bounds.

Best speech(!):