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  1. Ah, so [I]you're[/I] the guy in Thailand! I noticed that someone in France and someone in Thailand have been downloading just about every game. Also there are people in Brazil, Japan, China, and a few other countries who have downloaded some of the games. I was attempting to torrent every game this year, but I just couldn't do the UCLA game. It was horrible. It's awesome you're able to keep up with Cal Football on the other side of the world! Modern technology rocks!
  2. [B] Thank You, Thank You

    [/B]I have been trying to say that for some time, but could not to register so could not send this message.Been a Cal fan most of my life, having grownup in Berkeley during the 50s and 60s .... lived near Oregon & Fulton Sts. Worked at Berkeley Bowl when it was a 16 lane bowling alley. Took the Key System train from Adeline & Shattuck across the bridge to my Computer Programing class on Market St in SF - circa 1961[B]. [/B]Watched a Cal game on KRON TV when we had a running back named Jack Jensen and the coach was Pappy Waldorph[B]. [/B]Watched him play baseball at Oakland Oaks Park ( Park & San Pablo) when the manager was Casey Stengel[B].
    [/B]Now I am retired and live in Thailand ... can't find a Cal game anywhere or even an American Football game ..[B]

    So once again ...... Thank you for pointing me to the torrent listings ...

    [/B]Don Carlson
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