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Thread: Women's Swim Recruiting: Class of 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by BearDevil View Post
    Robin's rated the 33rd ranked 2017 recruit on college swimming. That's patently absurd. LCM/SCY conversions are imprecise, but she did finish 16th in the world in 200 m Free. Her converted time (1:43.49) would have been 7th at 2017 NCAAs.
    With you on that - don't forget that CollegeSwimming had placed Abbey @ #40 nationally back in the summer of 2014!!!

    Robin's 1:58.66 leading off the Dutch 4x200m Free Relay prelims @ 2017 Worlds, and her 1:58.80 time in the individual semis, are both off her PB. However the former still translates to a very solid 1:44.01 yards time (using SwimSwam's Speedo Time Conversion Tool) that would have placed in the B finals @ the last NCAAs ... incidentally, faster in this event than any of the 2017 "super-furdette" freshie class!

    Also agree that Long Course Metres to Short Course Yards conversions aren't always reliable (for one, they can't accurately factor in a swimmer's performance when it comes to their walls & underwaters v. their over-the-waters).

    But, as you can see from my chart of our women's 200y Free best times that would have earned at least a 2017 NCAA 'B' cut (with the incoming furdettes who are rated the top 2017 recruits class included for comparison), the figures match quite closely in Katie McL & Anina's cases...


    200y Free (2017 NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 1:43.63)

    ~ 2017 NCAA A Final Qualifying Time (8th) = 1:43.73 ~
    Curr �� Kathleen Baker ....... 1:42.66...... 2017 NCAAs
    Curr �� Katie McLaughlin ..... 1:43.01...... 2015 May {also, 1:57.55 LCM (2015 June) => 1:43.01 SCY!}
    Curr �� Abbey Weitzeil ........ 1:43.25...... 2016 Mar
    2017 �� Robin Neumann ..... 1:43.28...... 2016 Apr (converted from 200m Free LCM time of 1:57.85)

    ~ 2017 NCAA B Final Qualifying Time (16th) = 1:44.96 ~
    2017 �� Brooke Forde ......... 1:44.68...... 2017 Feb

    ~ 2017 NCAA Slowest Invited Time (39th) = 1:45.44 ~
    Curr �� Amy Bilquist ............ 1:45.03...... 2015 Mar (busted out 1:42.08 @ 2017 NCAAs w/flying start in the 800 Free Relay)

    ~ 2017 NCAA 'B' Cut: 1:47.99 ~
    2017 �� Lauren Pitzer ......... 1:45.68...... 2014 Dec
    Curr �� Keaton Blovad ......... 1:46.05...... 2016 Georgia Fall Invite
    Curr �� Jenna Campbell ....... 1:46.35...... 2013 May
    Curr �� Jasmine Mau ........... 1:47.09...... 2014 Mar
    2017 �� Hannah Kukurugya . 1:47.10...... 2015 Dec
    2017 �� Lauren Green ......... 1:47.12...... 2016 May
    Curr �� Valerie Hull ............. 1:47.33...... 2016 Georgia Fall Invite
    Curr �� Anina Lund ............. 1:47.36...... 2016 Georgia Fall Invite {also, 2:02.31 LCM (2017 Apr) => 1:47.30 SCY}
    2017 �� Sarah Darcel .......... 1:47.77...... 2017 May (converted from 200m Free LCM time of 2:02.83)

    Curr �� Chenoa Devine .........1:47.78...... 2016 Feb
    2017 �� Sophie K-Zhou ....... 1:47.90...... 2016 Mar
    2017 �� Dannie Dilsaver ...... 1:47.91...... 2016 Nov


    Robin: Bye Budapest, thanks for the great memories ������
    Swimming my first finals at a big meet has got me even more motivated for the future and my exciting adventure ahead ������
    Next stop: World Cup in Berlin ���� #finabudapest2017 #worldcup #calbears


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    Quote Originally Posted by UrsusArctosCalifornicus View Post

    L.A. Invite: Night 1 & 2

    Of note, I believe that 2017 baby Ali had achieved a new PB of 2:32.81 in her 200m Breast today - her old best was 2:33.52 from May of this year!
    2017 baby Alicia Harrison continuing her PB-breaking streak!

    The 100 distance & shorter may be her stronger suit, but Ali achieved a lifetime best of 2:29.69 to place 6th in the 'A' final of the 200m Breast at the 2017 U.S. Open this evening, after having busted out a 2:30.33 PB in prelims.

    Was out-touched by 2017 Trojan signee Mags Aroesty (2:29.53) in this 'A' final event, whilst 2018 furdette commits Allie Raab (2:29.18) & Zoe Bartel (2:29.37) were also a bit faster in their 1-2 sweep of the 'B' final.

    Still, a pair of very impressive swims today...well done Ali!

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    Quote Originally Posted by UrsusArctosCalifornicus View Post
    2017 baby Alicia Harrison continuing her PB-breaking streak!

    The 100 distance & shorter may be her stronger suit, but Ali achieved a lifetime best of 2:29.69 to place 6th in the 'A' final of the 200m Breast at the 2017 U.S. Open this evening, after having busted out a 2:30.33 PB in prelims.

    Was out-touched by 2017 Trojan signee Mags Aroesty (2:29.53) in this 'A' final event, whilst 2018 furdette commits Allie Raab (2:29.18) & Zoe Bartel (2:29.37) were also a bit faster in their 1-2 sweep of the 'B' final.

    Still, a pair of very impressive swims today...well done Ali!
    I really hope that Ali and Ema develop into the superstar breaststrokers that we need and hope for. They need to make Abbey the third best breaststroker on the team!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tedbear View Post
    I really hope that Ali and Ema develop into the superstar breaststrokers that we need and hope for. They need to make Abbey the third best breaststroker on the team!
    Hear hear! Would rather not "waste" Abbey on the breast leg of our medley relays, saving our sprint ace for the free anchor in those races. Both Ema & Ali are on the cusp of an NCAA invite in the 100 Breast individual, so look forward to their development when they start training with the team and under Teri!

    As for the 200 Breast, think we'll have a fairly studly breaststroker already there in the guise of Sarah, who would have scored in the B final @ 2017 NCAAs with her converted time!

    Quote Originally Posted by UrsusArctosCalifornicus View Post
    Ali smashed a couple of PBs ... and 1:01.02 for 4th in the 100m fly (prev PB = 1:01.18 from May)
    Alicia at it again with a 1:00.28 (Prelims) & 1:00.16 (3rd in the B Final) at the 2017 U.S. Open this afternoon. New PB in the 100m fly by almost a full second!


    Er, a mite off-topic, but the men's team were champs on last night's 4x100m + tonight's 4x200m relays! Matt Josa also the winner in the M 100m Fly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by UrsusArctosCalifornicus View Post
    Ali smashed a couple of PBs, 1:09.36 in the 100m breast to take 2nd (old PB = 1:10.26 from July 2015)
    Her PB-breaking spree evidently still very much in play,Alicia dropped a nice 1:08.94 in the 100m breast during this morning's prelims for a new LCM lifetime best in this event!

    Wasn't able to quite reproduce that pace in the A final this evening. Touched the wall at the 50m mark in 3rd, but then faded relative to the field in the last 30m or so to finish 7th, ahead of 2018 furdette Allie Raab.

    If Ali had swum her finals in her prelims time, she would have come in 4th, beating breast ace recruits Zoe Bartel (2018 furdette) & Maggie Aroesty (2017 trojanette)...

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    Robin was very impressive with her 1:55.56 PB during the morning heats for the 200m Free (short course) to claim the #5 seed for finals at the Berlin stop of the FINA World Cup today!

    That lifetime best time converts to 1:44.10 SCY, which would have scored in the B final @ 2017 NCAAs. Neumann's entry time was 1:58.16.

    Had the 2nd fastest last 50m split of the entire field too. Outswam some big names like Aussies Cate Campbell, Brittany Elmslie & Blair Evans, and will contest finals later today against superstars Sarah Sjöström, Federica Pellegrini & Femke Heemskerk!


    Robin: When you swim an unexpected pb on the 200 free and also swim a limit for the European short course championships ���� �� #waitwhat #me? #berlin #swc2017 #copenhagen #shortcourse


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    Completing her PR-busting streak, our breast specialist baby turned in a 26.54 in the 50m Free during the prelims session on the final day of the US Open.

    Ali's old PB was a 26.75 from June 2016.

    LCM to SCY conversion of this latest 26.54 long course metres time would yield a theoretical 23.18 in yards, whilst Alicia's current best for the 50y Free is actually a 23.73 from Dec 2015.


    Ali: Jumpin' for joy bc 5 events & 5 drops!!! NY you treated me too well ������

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    Sarah Darcel had two more lifetime bests on Sunday in Montreal. Archive photo via Mike Lewis/Ola Vista Photography

    18-year old Island Swimming Club swimmer Sarah Darcel completed a sweep of the IM races on Sunday and teenagers dominated the women’s 100 fly final as the Canadian Swimming Championships rolled through their 3rd day.

    Darcel opened the session with a 2:12.32 in the 200 IM, beating out 2016 Olympian Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson, who was 2nd in 2:13.89. That’s a new best time for Darcel, improving about two-tenths from her time at Canada’s World Championship Trials.

    Later, in the women’s 100 fly, teenagers again ruled the day. None of those top three swam best times, but Darcel did again with her 4th-place finish of 1:00.17.

    The top men’s performer of the day was Jeremy Bagshaw of Island Swimming.



    Sarah's 2:12.32 LCM (new PB) => 1:56.32 SCY, a time which would have scored in the 200 IM B final at 2017 NCAAs (#15 overall)!

    - Prev 200m IM PB = 2:12.51 from 2017 Canadian Trials back in April.

    • Furthermore, Darcel's 1:00.17 LCM (new PB) => 52.94 SCY, which would have marked her as the quickest 100 flyer amongst the incoming froskis, if it wasn't for fellow baby Ali's 1:00.16 PB from a couple of days ago haha

    (Both of our fast improving signees are still less than half a second away from an NCAA invite in what's an off-event for the pair)

    - Sarah's prev 100m Fly PB = 1:00.59 from last month.

    Sarah Darcel is now a potential scorer @ NCAAs in her 3 likely Nattys events, 200y IM / 400y IM / 200y Breast, based on these converted LCM best times!



    Darcel of Island Swimming finished in the top three in four of her five events, sweeping the IMs and finishing runner-up in the 200 breast and 200 fly. She added a 4th place finish in the 100 fly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UrsusArctosCalifornicus View Post

    Robin: 400m Free LCM results (Eindhoven Swim Cup)

    Robin was 5th with her 4:15.59 in the 400m Free A final. 3rd fastest Dutch woman in that race, and a new PB to boot (prev = 4:16.26, from April 2016). The 2017 FINA 'A' standard is 4:10.57.

    According to the SwimSwam Swim Time Converter, the "equivalent" 500y Free time = 4:46.37, though take that with a grain of salt as reckon that 400m LCM is quite a different sort of race from 500y SCY...

    Katie McL is still Bears' swiftest in this distance (4:36.04 PB which is 2017 NCAA A finals worthy), followed by Chenoa (4:41.19 that qualifies for a 2017 NCAA invite), with Thleen (4:45.49 from Jan 2016) & Jenna (4:45.83 from May 2015) also having been faster albeit from a while ago.

    Robin's 4:46.37 converted time would have earned her a 2017 NCAA 'B' cut (4:47.79) at any rate.

    Heck, any assistance we can get in the middle & long distance freestyle dept would be sorely welcome as that has been one of Cal's glaring weaknesses for some while now! If Chenoa & Robin can make strides and develop in this area, would help take the pressure off McL having to take one for the team in this event similar to what Missy had endured in her freshie season.
    Quote Originally Posted by BearDevil View Post
    Robin's a good get for our Bears: (SCYs conversion pending), should be plug and play on the 800/400 Free Relays. Gravy if you can move down to swim a 200 Free Relay leg or move up to score in the 500.

    Well Robin continuing to make gains by breaking another PB, on Day 2 of the Berlin World Cup finals session today

    Neumann's 4:07.84 400m Free SCM => 4:43.24 500y Free SCY, which edges her closer to the NCAA Invite time of 4:41.84 from last year's championship.

    Old PB = 4:09.67 (Dec 2016), according to CollegeSwimming.

    Robin now becomes potentially the 3rd fastest on this coming season's squad at this distance, after Katie McL. & Chenoa.


    Robin: Couldn't have wished to end my season in a better way���� Always love swimming in the pool where I first became German champion back in 2010 ���� Now my next adventure truly can begin �� America here I come ���� #swc2017 #berlin #calbears


    Well recent pool results for our incoming freshies have been very encouraging indeed, brings to mind the conversations I've had with several prominent, if I may take the liberty of liberally quoting some of their astute observations here
    "Coach Teri, once again, showing she knows what she is doing. "

    "Robin, Darcel, and Ali is a sneaky good under the radar class. Teri knows talent and upside: Farida, Maddie, Bing."

    I do realise that it's all too facile for our cheering squad to act like armchair pundits by cherry-picking the top-ranked swimming recruits from a list, then going on to whinge & lament that most of our "wants" went elsewhere as had seemingly happened to the last 2 recruiting classes, which was a massive let-down for some here particularly after the heady rush & excitement over Dream Team 2015 (Thleen, Amy, Katie, Abbey)!

    However, those rankings can be very arbitrary and not necessarily an accurate indicator of the upside for a recruit - personal bests as static snapshots don't tell the whole story, such as the candidate's interest & fit for the swim programme/team/coaching, their academics, personality, aspirations, the areas of need for the team, scholly considerations etc.

    That pesky furdette juggernaut may strut around confident that they will be receiving accolades from SwimSwam & others once again for reeling in the #1 haul of this recruiting class ... 5 saplings on SS's Top 20 list, with 4 of them ranked in the Top 10:
    Brooke Forde (#4), Lauren Pitzer (#6), Hannah Kukurugya (#8), Grace Zhao (#10), Ashley Volpenhein (#12)

    Whilst none of our baby Bears were deemed worthy of inclusion on the SwimSwam list...

    Switching to College Swimming's ranking system yields similar stats, the above 5 furdettes on CS' Top 21 metrics (Forde = #1), with Lauren Green bringing up the rear @ #28.

    Compare that to our incoming froskis ratings by College Swimming, as of 7 Aug 2017:
    Sarah (#12), Robin (#33), Sophie (#53), Ali (#58), Dannie (#97), Elizabeth (#143), Alexa (#160), Natalie (#246)

    Anyway reckon what I really wanted to point out in this rather meandering post is that things actually look quite bright for our freshies who will be hitting the campus starting this weekend, despite some appearances on the surface!

    IMHO several of our latest are grossly under-rated, which is partially confirmed by their performances from this summer (Robin, Ali, Sarah in particular), whilst others may start to hit their stride as recent injuries may have downplayed their results this past year (Dannie).

    In Teri We Trust!


    Robin: Question of the day: How am I going to sneak teddy past airport security and then into my dorm room? ���� #teddy #calbears #qotd #backhomefor24hours


    Robin: It's happening ... bags are packed, tears have been shed, goodbyes have been said. No turning back now. America here I come ✈️���� #movenumber12 #berkeley #calbears

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    Baby Bears have arrived (well some of them :)

    2017 Froskis are in town!

    They may have to wait a couple of weeks for Sarah Darcel to join them, as she'll be racing for Canada at the World University Games starting in Taipei next Sunday...


    Robin: So glad I get to hold on to these two for a few days longer ���� #mural #siblinglove #sanfrancisco

    Robin: So many things to think about and buy when you realize you're moving into your dorm room tomorrow !! ������������ #itshappening #calbears #dormroom #justkeepsmiling


    Dannie: 1864 miles of kayak riding, fossil finding, forest hiking, baseball watching, and parasailing... AND NOW I'M HOME! #gobears


    Haha just ignore/scratch my flippant comment above about Sarah not being here..."You know nothing, UAC" (sorry, watching GoT right now )


    Cal W Swim & Dive‏: It's Move-in Weekend at Cal and our new freshmen are starting to settle into their dorm rooms. Welcome, Baby Bears! @CalAthletics

    Ali, Alexa, Elizabeth

    Dannie, Sophie

    Robin, Sarah, Alexa, Ali, Elizabeth


    Alexa: My dad started writing me these letters when I was 1 years old. Today, I moved into my college dorm where he gave them all to me ❤️


    Cal W Swim & Dive‏: More Baby Bears on the way on Move-in Day! Jackie Im and Kathleen Navas are ready to dive into college. #GoBears @CalAthletics

    Jackie Im

    Kathleen Navas


    Robin: Mandatory sather gate photo - Can't believe this is all actually happening ������ #calbears #sathergate #wearegolden

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    SwimSwam's 2017 Women's NCAA Recruiting Classes: #9-12




    • Mizzou
    • Minnesota
    • Ohio State
    • Louisville
    • Arizona State

    #12: VIRGINIA

    Top-tier additions: #18 Paige Madden, Kyla Valls, Erin Earley, Abby Richter, Emma Seiberlich
    Others: Anna Pang, Marcie Maguire, Caroline Gmelich, Jocelyn Porter (diver)

    #11: ALABAMA

    Top-tier additions: Leonie Kullmann, Flora Molnar
    Others: Amy Stevens (diver), Bean Faunce, Julia Kukla, Kaila Wong, Kathryn Nicholson, Leonie Kullmann, Lydia Jackson, Mallory Underwood, Maria Reed, Nicole Smith, Sezin Eligul, Sydney Dawson, Tori van Buskirk

    #10: NC STATE

    Top-tier additions: Julia Poole, Tamila Holub, Olivia Calegan, Jacquee Clabeaux, Summer Finke (transfer), Lexie Lupton (transfer)
    Others: Maddie Morello, Miranda Donley, Olivia Fisher, Kate Moore, Danika Huizinga, Anna Shumate

    #9: GEORGIA

    Top-tier additions: #1 Courtney Harnish, Sammie Burchill, Olivia Anderson, Danielle Dellatorre
    Others: Donna Blaum, Emmaline Peterson, Kayla Tennant, Maddie Wallis


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    So, where on this Top 12 list do you all think our Baby Bears should be ranked?

    Obviously I'd like to believe that our freshies are Top 4 material, esp after considering Robin, Sarah & Ali's upside potential amongst other promising things

    However, in a sneaky sort of way, I may actually prefer to see SwimSwam rate our #5 - #8 (that writeup will prob. be published tomorrow), i.e. a super sleeper class slipping under most pundits' radar...whilst the furdettes as the #1 class gets the glaring spotlight focussed on them with all the attendant expectations & pressure lol.

    Keep in mind that this 2017 class may be somewhat weaker than the following two. So, in spite of all the hype surrounding LSJU snagging 4 of the Top Ten (and 5 of the Top Twenty!), none of the saplings are at present guaranteed to score massive points or make an immediate relay impact - other than ace Brooke Forde in her individual events (in fact several of them didn't improve on their PBs this past spring/summer).

    This would also partly apply to the Trojanettes, who are likely to be rated in the Top 4, but where some of their incoming swimmers may be arguably over-advertised in terms of their upside...

    Programmes like the Wolverines (Miranda Tucker, Taylor Garcia to a lesser extent), Horns (Kennedy Lohman) & even the Gators (Liliána Szilágyi) will also get a significant boost from these aforementioned impact transfers/internationals on top of their regular cadre of recruits.

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    SwimSwam's 2017 Women's NCAA Recruiting Classes: #5-8 (Bears @ #5)




    Top-tier additions: #11 Victoria Edwards (TX – fly/back), Evie Pfeifer (MO – free), Ella Tierney (IL – free), Kennedy Lohman (Arizona transfer – breast)

    Others: Ashley Pollok, Emily Reese, Grace Ritch, Peyton Quattlebaum, Logan Shiller


    Top-tier additions: Liliana Szilagyi (Hungary – fly), #17 Taylor Ault (CA – distance free), Bettina Boszormenyi (Hungary – free), Rachel Ramey (TX – breast)

    Others: Nikki Miller, Gabrielle Hillis, Jillian Hatch (Pacific transfer), Emma Whitner (diving)


    Top-tier additions: #5 Nikol Popov (CA – breast/IM), Tjasa Pintar (Slovenia – free/breast/IM), Alexis Yager (IL – IM/breast), Stanzi Moseley (USC transfer – free)

    Others: Emily Sykes, Megan Sichterman, Bailey Grinter, Amanda Nunan


    Top-tier additions: Robin Neumann (Netherlands – free), Sarah Darcel (Canada – IM/breast), Sophie Krivokapic-Zhou (CA – back), Ali Harrison (CA – breast)

    Others: Alexandra Skorus-Neely, Dannie Dilsaver, Natalie Tuck, Elizabeth Bailey, Briana Thai (diving), Jackie IM (diving), Kathleen Navas (diving)

    Cal is another international-heavy class at the top. Robin Neumann rolls in from the Netherlands with freestyle times clearly a cut above any other international on this list. She’s been 1:57.8 in the 200 meter free (converts to 1:43.2) and 55.0 in the 100 meter free (converts to 48.1), which would put her right about at Moseley’s level, depending on how well she makes the difficult transition to the college-sized pool.

    Canadian Sarah Darcel is a 4:39 long course IMer, which should put her into A final contention based on conversions (roughly 4:05). She had as good a summer as she possibly could without making the Canadian World Champs team, coming up third at Canadian Trials in both the 200 and 400 IMs. Darcel should have NCAA scoring shots in both IMs, and is maybe an outsider to fix Cal’s longtime breaststroke woes, with long course times of 2:27 in the 200 and 1:10 in the 100.

    Within the states, California got local Santa Clara product Sophie Krivokapic-Zhou, who’s a nice versatile pickup. She’s 53-mid in both fly and back with solid 200s (headed by a 1:56.7 back) and a 1:47.9 in the 200 free that could make her a future relay chip.

    With the rest of the class, Cal went after its two biggest weaknesses: breaststroke and diving. Ali Harrison is on the cusp of a sub-minute breaststroke, and is coming off a massive summer that saw her drop from 2:34 to 2:29 in the 200 long course meter breast and 1:10 to 1:08 in the 100 meter breast. Those times well outclass her current short course bests (1:00.8 & 2:13.5), suggesting Cal might be getting a Mallory Comerford-type riser who blows up just before starting college and keeps surging from there.

    Beyond Harrison, Alexandra Skorus-Neely and Natalie Tuck both specialize in breaststroke. Dannie Dilsaver could project as a breaststroker, too, but is also pretty good in free and fly. Then the Bears added a trio of divers to round out a big class that’s pretty well-targeted based on need.


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    Fifth is a reasonable ranking for the 2017 class, especially since the most important recruits (Robin, Darcel, and Ali) all still have upside.

    Assume the top four will be LSJU, 'SC, Michigan, and A&M. As long as Manuel and Ledecky are both still on the team, the 'furdettes will be heavy NCAA favorites.

    Georgia's still dangerous, but they're fading. A&M and Texas are on the rise.

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    No quibbles with your guesstimate on the top 4 or their ordering, BD!

    The 2 Texas teams will def continue to challenge for a Top 3-5 spot, and could become even more dangerous with their impressive haul of highly-rated 2017 + 2018 recruits.

    Dawgs have suffered from a bit of a hiccup in their recruiting since the incident involving their coach and a certain Olympian, could find themselves struggling more than a mite to be in contention what with the loss of studs Olivia Smoligal, Chantal Van Landeghem & co. this season...but shouldn't be discounted down the road as their 2017 & esp 2018 recruiting appears to be returning to form & more.

    Trojanettes remain sort of a mystery to me - keep getting these monster classes the past few years (initially quantity-wise, but lately of a very high calibre, and 2018 will continue that trend), doing really well at conference - but then somehow don't fulfill their full potential at the big dance, when it matters the most...

    The furdette juggernaut...what more can I say that hasn't been expressed here already?! Short of our extremely wishful cheering for Ledecky & Manuel to go pro early lol, 2019 NCAAs could represent our biggest chance to pull off the upset - with the Dream Team still eligible, key Bears with big upsides from the 2016 & 2017 froski classes coming into their own, supported by a promising 2018 class hopefully to be headed up by Eva and perhaps even MSH.

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