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Thread: cal's monster class deux

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    cal's monster class deux

    "i can't wait to get the **** out of cold freezing azz chicago in the wintertime and go to cali and get to know one of them curvy brunette yoga females...i'm also looking forward to dropping dimes including ******* outrageous lob entry passes to my boy young ivee...and yeah, i'm also gonna tell that dumb azz shocky face to face (since we're the same height) that i got a 3.86 gpa"

    -charlie moore

    "i'm really excited to have charlie moore join our basketball program...he's a skilled point guard with the toughness to attack the rim and make plays for his teammates...charlie is a guy who can make big shots, especially from the 3 point line, and he has the ability to score in bunches...he's a winner and he's won at a high level with his high school team as well as his aau team, the mac irvin fire...charlie continues the legacy of talented guys who have come out of chicago to play for cal"

    -coach martin

    the university of california, berkeley=#1 ranked public (#3 overall) university in the world (including chi town)

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    Jerome Randle knows Charlie and he says he is a star!
    GO BEARS !!!

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    the saddest show on earth

    Quote Originally Posted by Shocky1 View Post
    brenden, nick1, cole & nick2: please be reassured that we will continue our tireless efforts to overcome coach martin's tyranny of not playing them walk ons...let's be real here, as long as the saddest show on earth continues at haas pavilion, i can't breathe

    remember the walk ons#
    how is the 2017 roster shaping up at this time?

    freshmen: demarl baker & alec hickman
    sophomores: roman davis & charlie moore
    junior: dontae coleman
    seniors: brandon chauca, kingsley okoroh & kameron rooks (maybe)

    the staff has indicated that they are currently targeting a five (5) person 2017 class which means there will most likely be 10-11 scholly players on the roster at that time

    that means that my current walk on boyz nick hamilton (then a junior) & cole welle (then a senior) will be in strong positions to earn playing time (and probably basketball schollys too)

    let's do this#
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    cal family

    50 year decision/friendships#

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    cal high priority 2018 target brandon williams has picked up an offer from the donut boy of tuscon

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    cal's monster class exclusive announcement

    in a remarkable turn of events chancellor nicky d & his crew have asked me to serve on the 2016 cal dance & cheerleading selection practices & gpas will be among the critical criteria utilized in the selection process

    civic duty#
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    rescue dogs

    no golf this morning, got a rescue dog fundraising event

    what's in your heart?

    let's do this
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    Quote Originally Posted by Civil Bear View Post

    civil bear, your lack of compassion for rescue animals is duly noted

    my take on you is that you're a lazy fat azz who don't got the energy to be passionate about anything whether it is to save dogs lives or actually go to cal basketball games at haas suggestion is that you try to flatten your stomach thru better nutrition & peaceful meditation, right now you're a very angry person & that's not healthy

    do you got season tix(s) for this season?

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    grraah, i can't hear you, are you trying to say something remotely insightful or interesting for a change?

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    elliott pitts

    Quote Originally Posted by Shocky1 View Post

    the donut boy of tucson is not a player's coach & arizona is an academically mediocre school with a 95%+ acceptance rate

    tucson is a dump#
    "elliott pitts has informed the athletics department that he intends to transfer from the university of arizona for the upcoming school year to continue his education ...we wish him well in the future"
    -sean miller

    why would any person with a moral compass wish "good luck" to a rapist (pitts claims it was consensual) of a female student?

    meanwhile arizona grads jason scheer, josh gershon & jeff goodman pretend it's just another day in tuscon without reporting the any facts re: this crime?

    note to 2017's troy brown jr, ira lee & brandon mccoy & 2018's jordan brown, brandon williams & miles norris: when the donut boy of tucson tells you he runs "a players program" you might ask him if that means you don't got to do much schoolwork and/or be a valued member of the community

    bear down (this is arizona basketball)#
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    arizona is a nightmare school#

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shocky1 View Post

    arizona is a nightmare school#
    What about their honors program?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobodeluxe View Post
    What about their honors program?
    bobo, most schools with 95%+ admission acceptance rates don't got honors programs

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    this is arizona basketball#

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