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Thread: cal's monster class deux

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    Quote Originally Posted by wifeisafurd View Post
    that is the point, we are making a minor contribution (in terms of dollars) to keep this Cal community together. We go off topic, sometimes the humor crosses a line, we bemoan the Cal administration and the like, and we sometimes offend each other, but where else can you share your views like this? The Cardboard? An SC site?

    And guys like Grey Bear and Moraga have real jobs, so this is a labor of love to them.
    +1...Keep the community alive, and help out the work that goes into it.

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    I subscribed to BI premium a few years ago and was thinking about subscribing again

    I enjoyed Shocky's postings and to me it's a negative that he's leaving the board - you don't like what he's posting and then don't read it. He had basically stopped posting in every other thread but this one so it wasn't hard to ignore him if he annoyed you

    I'm glad to see that some of the previously banned posters have returned but not sure why the need to limit Shocky's postings. The lack of transparency bothers me the most - exactly what limitations were put on Shocky, at least then, it would be easier to understand

    I'll continue to read the free boards but will miss Shocky's content

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    Quote Originally Posted by OaktownBear View Post
    This is like saying I go to Fenton's every day and get samples of the ice cream and never buy and when they cut me off saying "I guess ice cream is just for the rich who are willing to pay". .....
    Actually, it's more like Fenton's instituting a cover charge. It's just ice cream - not strippers (and they apparently just fired the stripper).

    Seriously, I'm with you and Yogi on the subscriptions. This is more about the banter. The 'insider' info is just a timeliness issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSouseFamily View Post
    If information is the only thing you feel you'd be buying with premium, then perhaps it's a simple equation for you. I pay for premium not for the "information" but for the quality of discussion, to support a vibrant and interesting (and often amusing) Cal online community as well as to support (even in a small way) the business of fellow ardent Cal fans who own and/or contribute to the site. Plus, someone has to pay for Growls and this board to remain free.
    You don't get vibrant with censorship

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeachedBear View Post
    Actually, it's more like Fenton's instituting a cover charge. It's just ice cream - not strippers (and they apparently just fired the stripper).

    Seriously, I'm with you and Yogi on the subscriptions. This is more about the banter. The 'insider' info is just a timeliness issue.
    Fenton's has strippers? Surely you mean stripers. They didn't have "strippers" when we were in Fenton's last month; however, we wouldn't pay anyway....not until they serve mocha almond fudge milkshakes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OaktownBear View Post
    It is amazing to me that people that spend time on the internet fall for such common ploys. He was a compiler. A guy that pulls information from different sources and brings it to a site relatively lacking in information so he can play the big man. He had nothing you couldn't get on your own. If no public sources knew the info, he didn't either. He had no clue about the Cuonzo hire, and he was completely wrong several times about the football coach and staff search. When he has publicly disagreed with Moraga, Moraga has been right.

    The guy personally attacks Cal fans and their families for disagreeing with him in any way that threatens his big man status. If someone else dares to post recruiting info, he copies the post onto his thread and attacks it so he can demonstrate he is the only guru. He attack people's level of commitment to the program while his absolute dearth of Cal basketball historical knowledge shows that he ignored Cal basketball until very recently. He straight up lied in attacking Charlie Moore when he committed elsewhere and then had to backtrack when Moore came to Cal.

    If this were a schtick then why attack people privately on IM? If this were about love of Cal basketball why does he feel his method is more important than his message? Is playing insult comic really a necessary component to supporting Cal basketball?

    An internet board enforcing some rules of decorum is not a free speech issue. It seems to me the ones leaving are the snow flakes.

    I know Calgreg has more interest in basketball and hopefully that will lead to more info here so people won't be so desperate they'll take it from anyone. Allowing those that have been banned in the past to come back was a great decision. So far a net positive.

    There has been no banning or censorship. New ownership simply asked him politely to channel his passion for Cal in a more positive way because several elements of his style in this thread don't fit well with what type of forums we'd like to have. There's a reason there's no monster thread or anything like it on one of the other Cal boards he's a member of. It's because they won't tolerate it.

    We're not going to have the majority of the information on the subscriber board out of spite to non-subscribers or for any nefarious reason. It's just to give more value to our subscribers -the people who make it possible for us to run this site and have vibrant free football, basketball and Olympic sports forums and a community that many have grown to feel like family in many ways over the years. That said, we will still try and clarify things occasionally as we always have to some extent on the free boards. I think you'll find that we usually have good information because we have good sources that trust us and because we have pretty good filters to sift out the info that doesn't seem right.

    We hope that enough of you feel this site provides enough value to your life that you'd strongly consider investing $99/yr (less than $9/mo) to support the site and make it possible for us to continue to maintain the free boards as always and to provide even more content here. It's also an opportunity to participate in what we think is a great Cal community on our Insider board, full of knowledge, inside connections and great discussion. And, of course, for the additional subscriber-only stories and posts where you'll get a lot more depth and nuance than a tweet or free story somewhere. Our subscribers for the most part have a really good handle on both football and hoops recruiting and they'll tell you, the info's good and on track almost all the time so they're not hanging in limbo waiting for the other shoe to drop, drawing their own conclusions without info or having the rug pulled out from under them when something happens they weren't prepared for. And when we get our new chat board up in a few weeks, that's a great way subscribers have always gotten great info from our writers as well as really interesting contributions from other subscribers that have great info and connections, too.

    To close out this thread on a positive note, recruiting is still going very well. We feel that the odds are high in closing out 2 or 3 of the main targets, with at least 2 being bigs and maybe one more that has length, too.
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