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Thread: where to watch cal football in Thailand?

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    FlashingScriptCal where to watch cal football in Thailand?

    I live in Chiang Mai Thailand, and I want to watch Cal football games.
    Is there anybody that can help me to do this or provide info that would be useful?


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    PM calgymnast. He now lives in Bangkok. He's a hardcore fan. If anyone knows how, it's him.

    I sent him a link to this thread. Go Bears!

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    Hey Oskiwow -- send me a PM. I live in Bangkok and will be watching the games there (would love to watch one with you if you find yourself here on a Saturday).

    Don't know a ton about places in Chiang Mai, but can ask my Thai friends.


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    I want to watch some Cal Games. I could fly down from Chiang Mai for one or two. I was hoping to find out how you have access to the broad
    casts as it would be more convenient.

    I think its going to be an interesting seasonn.

    Go Bears,

    Oski Wow 1

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    Hi calgymnast, japionic

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