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Thread: 2018 Women's Swimming Recruiting

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    Amalie --> LSJU 😬

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    Re: #15 Amalie Fackenthal -> Furdettes

    Quote Originally Posted by BearDevil View Post

    -Amelie Fackenthal-Carmichael. Drop dead sprinter-50/100 Free. Same club as Chenoa and Whittle.
    Quote Originally Posted by HBear View Post

    Amalie --> LSJU ��

    Another great get for Greg as the furdette juggernaut relentlessly steamrolls onwards.

    Amalie would have been an asset to Bears, but probably more valuable to LSJU overall (top-end versatility is highly prized by Teri, i.e. Merrell, Ruck, MSH would make the biggest impact). Fackenthal will lend some sprint free firepower to their relays down the road (in conjunction with Goeders), also add some fly support with a bit of development.

    Outstanding as Meehan's recruiting has been so far, still quite an unbalanced class queued up for the Farm IMO as Greg hasn't yet managed to acquire a suitable replacement for the versatile stud duo of Janet Hu (fly/free/back) & Ally Howe (back/free/fly) - er, let's hope that the 2 top candidates in this dept, Eva & Taylor, won't succumb to the Dark Side...

    Bears already set to welcome Elise Garcia next year, who may give something to Amalie on the sprint frees but narrows the gap in the longer distances, and is a faster flyer to boot. Garcia has quite a bit of upside too judging by her recent time drops. Elise + Cassidy will be worthy replacements for departing fly ace Noemie (also Jaz), and for Val's relay contributions with her free.

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    2017 Junior Nationals - Day 3



    100m Fly

    Elise wowing with yet another best time, 1:00.41 to earn the #5 seed for tonight's A final! Prev PB was a 1:01.05 from the 2017 Speedo Grand Challenge in May.

    • Whole slew of lifetime bests as well from some other A final qualifiers:

    - Lucie Nordmann - 59.90 for the #2 seed. Old PB = 1:01.40 (March 2015)!
    - Lillie Nordmann {#1 TX, #9 Nat for 2020} - 1:00.34. Old PB = 1:00.91 (Nationals 2017)
    - Kelly Pash {#1 IN, #6 Nat for 2019} - 1:00.81 for the #2 seed. Old PB = 1:01.30 (July 2017)
    - 2018 Dawg commits Dakota Luther - 59.35 & Olivia Carter - 1:00.06

    Izzy into the A final, though not a best time.


    Elise lowered her PB time a mite more, down to 1:00.38 to take 4th in the A final tonight.

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    #2 Taylor Ruck -> LSJU

    Quote Originally Posted by BearDevil View Post

    -Taylor Ruck-Scottsdale, AZ. Canadian free/back prodigy living in AZ. Middle distance range (100 to 500). Lots of SCY experience. Same club as Hoffer, Bilquist, Keaton, Messy.
    Quote Originally Posted by UrsusArctosCalifornicus View Post
    I guess that the Farm's also on Taylor's short list


    Taylor Ruck: �� #fearthetree

    Elise Garcia (#5 CA, #28 Nat), Anya Goeders (#1 IN, #27 Nat), Taylor Ruck (#1 AZ, #2 Nat), Sam Shelton (#3 CA, #20 Nat), Shae Nicolaisen (#4 AZ, #169 Nat), Grace Ariola (#1 IL, #3 Nat)

    Quote Originally Posted by UrsusArctosCalifornicus View Post
    er, let's hope that the 2 top candidates in this dept, Eva & Taylor, won't succumb to the Dark Side...
    Not entirely a surprise, but I think I need to keep my bloody mouth shut next time...

    Biggest 2018 get for Meehan & the Furdettes!


    Taylor Ruck: beyond excited to announce my verbal commitment to Stanford University! So thankful for all my friends, family and coaches that helped get me to where I am today ❤️ I'm more than ready to spend the next four years of my life on the farm�� #fearthetree


    UPDATE ... now reported by the major swim outlets:



    World Junior Gold Medalist Taylor Ruck Verbally Commits to Stanford

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    #33 Hallie Kinsey -> South Carolina

    Quote Originally Posted by BearDevil View Post

    -Halladay Kinsey-Folsom and also DART. Both IMs, 200 Fly
    Hallie: So excited and proud to announce my verbal commitment to swim and study at the University of South Carolina!! #gococks �� ❤️


    Congrats to Hallie and wish her the best!

    Would have been a good fit @ Cal, but with commit Cassidy holding significantly faster times in Halladay's primary events (200/400 IM, 100/200 Fly) on top of her 50-200 Free, and with Elise's sprint free + 100 Fly also constituting an upgrade, reckon we'll be in fine shape in those areas.



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    2017 Junior Nationals - Day 5 Finals

    200m IM

    Kate Douglass (#1 NY, #3 Nat for 2019) was 3rd after her fly but fell back to 5th mid-race on her backstroke - almost 3 & a half sec behind the leader, Olivia Carter (#12 recruit & 2018 UGA commit). Then stormed home on her trademark breast (2nd fastest split) + free (fastest split) back-half, to claim the win over Olivia in the 'A' Final, with a 2:15.09 PB!

    Kate's pre-Jr. Nats best in this event was a 2:18.57.

    Incoming furdette Katie Glavinovich (also recruited by Teri) took the 'C' Final by over 2 sec in a new PR of 2:16.91, which would have placed 5th in the 'A' Final. Prev best = 2:17.62 from the 2016 U.S. Open.


    50m Free

    Kate came back to complete her double, finishing 3rd in the 'A' Final with a 25.54 (PB = 25.50 from 2017 Nationals). Behind 2018 furdette commit Anya Goeders & 2018 horns commit Grace Ariola, but did beat 2018 recruit Lucie Nordmann & 2017 furdette Lauren Pitzer.

    Alexandra Crisera (#3 CA, #13 Nat for 2019) put out a PB of 26.13 to win the 'B' Final. Elise placed 8th in that heat with her 26.55 (PB = 25.93 from March 2016).




    Here are the future s who made the Top 8 referred to in the above article:

    Ali (2017 baby Bear) - 100m Breast, 200m Breast, 100m Fly
    Cassidy (2018 commit) - 100m Fly, 200m Fly
    Alex (2018 commit) - 100m Back, 200m Back
    Elise (2018 commit) - 100m Free

    A few recruits of potential interest (not a comprehensive list!):

    Lucie Nordmann (#3 TX, #9 Nat for 2018) - 50m Free, 100m Free, 200m Free, 100m Back, 200m Back, 100m Fly
    Kate Douglass (#1 NY, #3 Nat for 2019) - 50m Free, 100m Free, 200m IM
    Zoie Hartman (#1 CA, #8 Nat for 2019) - 100m Free, 100m Breast, 200m Breast
    Miranda Heckman (#4 CA, #16 Nat for 2019) - 200m Free, 400m Free

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    Quote Originally Posted by UrsusArctosCalifornicus View Post
    Hmmm, interesting stats culled from a comment in the above writeup:


    SWIM DAD: "It’s pretty well bought {top talent by the Furd}. The numbers speak for themselves. In the last 5 years, going back to class of 2014, this is the breakdown by college as to who got the top 10 SwimSwam women’s recruits. This does not include 2 from the class of ’18 who still haven’t committed.

    School | % of total
    Stanford | 29.2%
    Cal | 12.5%
    USC | 10.4%
    UGA | 8.3%
    U Tex | 8.3%
    A&M | 6.3%
    UM | 4.2%
    U Lou | 4.2%
    U Tenn | 4.2%
    U Min | 4.2%
    U Wis | 2.1%
    U Flo | 2.1%
    U Ariz | 2.1%
    U Indi | 2.1%

    Stanford more than doubles Cal who is second with 12.5%. Also, on Stanford’s “down year”, where they only got 2 of the top 10…that was the year Ledecky and Eastin signed.

    My point is simple. Stanford gets the most top 10 recruits BY FAR vs. any other Div 1 swim program. How you have these amazing endowments that other colleges don’t have, or how these amazing swimmer/students seem to get rewarded with endowments that 4.5 GPA students aren’t getting, or how all the top 10 swimmers who go to Stanford are from families that make less than 125K per year, is not my argument.

    I’m simply saying it’s not that hard to win National Championships when 30% (sorry Hannah for my HUGE exaggeration) of the top 10 swimmers in the country are committing to your school. After looking at the numbers, I’m more impressed with the schools who are consistently getting in the top 5 who aren’t getting all this top 10 talent."

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