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Thread: post-season

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigshadetree View Post
    Well according to the PAC 12 website Cal plays USC on Thursday at 11:30 am.
    I was hoping they were going to play in the later bracket since I am flying on on Thursday morning.
    I really don't want to change flight and hotel reservations so it looks like if I am lucky I will get
    to the game during the 4th quarter. D***!
    Same thing happened to us last season. We were the first game on Thursday (11:30 am). Our plane arrived just after 11. We ended up getting to Key Arena at halftime after dealing with the various modes of public transportation (light rail and monorail). Bears beat Utah. All good after that.

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    It's too bad that we had a bad stretch the last month. We really needed those wins against Colorado and Utah. Some very close games have cost us.

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