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Thread: Mary Nutter Softball I has Cal facing four opponents Friday thru Sunday...(link)

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    Flo Sports lost its signal for the Kent State affair and runs are plentiful. After 4 IP, Kent State leads 4-3. Cal ace Zoe Conley gave up a two run bomb to Canadian Speers. The Bear's defense has allowed two more unearned runs behind Conley (errors by Conley & Pettis). Kent State has pitcher Ladines going vs Cal. She pitched a complete game against Oregon is a 4-3 loss. The winning run was unearned. Ladines allowed only four hits vs the Ducks.

    Wild game (see above)! Both teams keep coming from behind to take the lead. Cal did it twice to win the game 8-7...They called the game after the Bears took the lead in the bottom of the sixth with one out due to time limits. Great clutch hitting came from up and down the lineup...The Bears rapped out 11 hits off of Ladines. Kudos to Kent State, too-they scored 3 runs in the top of the sixth to take a 7-6 lead & KO Zoe Conley.

    Cal is now 7-1 but will face bigtime competition next weekend in the Mary Nutter Softball Classic II. Does anyone know why Bradie Fillmore is not pitching? The Bears need more pitching to succeed in three game series against top notch competition.
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    Happy we won but geeze, we won't even finish 6th in conference if this is how we will play defense. Far, far cry from the days of Spencer, Pamanian, Galindo and Harper. That was top notch, high quality softball. I hope we get back to that one day

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