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    After the USC game, i posted that her shot was really flat compared to early in the year. She had a decent game in the UCLA game and that was the last game that she had a favorable game. Since then, she has averaged 18.7 minutes a game. She is shooting from the field 7 for 34. Her three point shooting is 0 for 9. We will not win much if this continues.

    Clay thought that maybe something happened to her knee. And Annharborbear said she was limited in her lateral movement. She has had knee problems in the past. But earlier in the year she was playing really well. some have said she didn't improve since her freshman year. But that is not true. In our tournament against USF and Duquesne, she was MVP of the tourney shooting 7 for 14 with 4 for 7 3 pointers against the Duques and 10 for 16 with 5 for 11 against USF.

    Her shot has always been a high arching shot. But it is not now.

    I didn't go to the UCLA game but did attend the USC game. Did anyone who attended the UCLA game notice her getting banged around.

    In the past when she came back from a knee injury, she always shot poorly for a while till it finally came back.

    One more thing. Davidson only played 7 minutes in the Oregon game. Now she can be up and down but she never plays that few minutes. Any inside info. Both of these things are disturbing.

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    courtney looks hurt
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