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    I was at the state high school tournament during Kelsey's junior year. and I thought she was the best three point shooter I had ever seen in girls high school play. and i posted that on this board. At that game, I ran into Lindsey and we talked for a moment. I said tell me we are recruiting her. And Lindsey said yes . and she was optimistic.

    In the end it was between us and Washington. One of the readers of this site but doesn't post sees a lot of high school games. He met Kelsey's mom at a tournament in Stoockton. Her mom said the hardest phone call Kelsey ever made was to Lindsey to tell her she wasn't coming. Boy, can you imagine if she did.
    Yeah I agree wvit. I saw her at the MLK tournament SMS vs LaJollja and I rember saying to myself if this kid continues to work on her craft she's gonna be out of this world-move forward five years later...

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    As much as our offense needs to improve, our defense needs to improve just as much

    Quote Originally Posted by GATC View Post
    This seems like one of the problems that is causing us to be in the bottom half of the Pac12 despite having top half talent. Like any team, there needs to be improvements in a lot of the areas. Watching us lose to Utah and Colorado at home, then watching Utah and Colorado against Oregon was interesting. Utah struggled to get good shots against Oregon but they had a lot of easy shots against us. Colorado barely lost to Oregon in their first game but killed them in the 2nd game - they were up by 17 in the end of the first quarter. I have to say that SI shot poorly in both games and she took fewer shots in the game they won. Colorado was up by 9 in the first game against us until they couldn't hit anything in the 3rd and 4th quarters - maybe it was our good defense so we should recognize that. But they beat us in the 2nd game by picking on our low post defense and their post had 16 points and 15 rebounds to Anigwe's 15 points and 5 rebounds. Watching JR Payne against us and against her former coach (Oregon's Kelly Graves), Colorado may be moving up. Arizona is also looking good at the end of the season and they are the only team that we beat twice - good thing that we played them relatively early.

    Our one dimension offense really hurts us against the teams that focuses on it but our defense (which can be quite good at times) needs to improve as well.
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    ...and at UW Kelsey developed her other scoring skills to compliment her long range marksmanship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by puget sound cal fan View Post
    ...and at UW Kelsey developed her other scoring skills to compliment her long range marksmanship.
    But is she any good at passing in to the triple-teamed post? She could have worked on that playing for us.

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