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Thread: Cal Vs OSU at game

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    At least they gave it their all and put in a fight towards the end.

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    On several possessions, the ball would get swung to a wide open player due to the collapsing on the post. That player would either hesitate, clutch, or simply pass it immediately...then often the rest of the possession would not result in a better look or a turnover from forced pass into KA. They have to be ready and take those wide open shots. Even if they miss we often get the rebound and a shot attempt is better than a turnover.
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    Every player will have games when it seems they can not miss and other games when it just doesn't drop for them. Hey really good consistent free throw shooters will often miss two in a row. The problem is that a team can not just rely on a few good shooters or scorers. Shooting is like that it can be there or gone any given night. This is why it is not a good idea to have a team rely on either one or even a few players to carry the offense. Balanced scoring is the best cure for inconsistency. The lack of numbers in the amount of guards is also problem and is magnified because the offense is not geared to take advantage of them consistently. All in all their seem to be too many problem area's to be able to point to one consistent problem. It varies from game to game.

    Bottom line- I think that the coach, reflects to a degree the cluelessness of her mentor " Boyle " in respect to the variable pieces necessary to put together a functional and consistent team. Just because you were a player and learned plays and the basics of running a practiced does not mean you understand basketball on the level to be a good coach. What coaches like Boyle and perhaps Gottleib lack is understanding the required chemistry of the whole. The whole is the sum of it's parts. If you do not understand the necessary pieces required then the whole will not function correctly.

    The days of when all that was required to coach WBB was understanding the basics that a person learns as a player is over. Geno is an example of the new breed of coaches that have entered WBB. Before that coaches were primarily good players who decided they wanted to coach. Thing is that good players are often not the best coaches. Ironically the philosophy that provided the opportunity for the advancement of WBB was also the very thing that retarded it. Title Nine provided the sport with a relatively equal footing in respect to the sport. WBB became a legit option for quality coaches of all sexes rather than just ex women players. This increased the pool and thus also the quality available. Coaches that were once considered elite would now just be average. The standards for success are much higher today. Then you also do not want to limit yourself by establishing criteria such as it "Has to be a women" or they have to have some sort of previous connection with you school. This is some of the things I remember being posted not only on this site but another University site in respect to their WCBB program. Ir you want the best possible candidate you can not restrict yourself via sexual nepotism and collegiate clickishness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigshadetree View Post
    After the game I know the team was disappointed in the lost but why didn't they even come back to the bench and acknowledge the fans and the Cal Band? After shaking hands with OSU they huddle on the OSU side of the court then just ran off the court. I left as the Cal Alma Mater was being played - did the team come back out? Were they too anxious to get back to studying. No excuse for showing bad manners to their supporters. I am more disappointed in their behavior than the loss.
    I wasn't at the game, but saw the game on TV. It appeared that the team was heading to the locker room area immediately, but were called back by someone before the team got too far into the tunnel. The telecast did not show the team going to fans or the band, but I'm assuming that they came back to the court for that purpose.

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    After Thursday's game against USC, Cal started running off the court and a few of the players called their teammates back and they happily ran by the Band high fiving band members.
    They just left the court after Friday morning's loss - the last thing I heard the public address announcer say was they would like to honor Cal's graduating seniors and named Range and KC. Key Arena did that after ever game to honor the losing team's seniors.

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    I've cried enough about this - we do have a great bunch of kids on the team and I need to cut them some slack! If our NCAA bubble burst next week then maybe Cal will be one of the host teams in the NIT.
    And of course I will be there to cheer them on and complain about the ref's calls.

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    ^^^^ +1

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