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Thread: OT-2017 CIF CA Girls Basketball Championships [OPEN Division]

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    Game time is 4 p.m. at Vanden (in Fairfield) so if anyone is in the area, we could use your support.

    I'm rooting for you Clay, I root for anyone that beats my teams (in this case Vanden beast Sac HS, section run), eventhough I'm torn because I know some of the players on Vanden, but my loyalty is to the Dragons Lol. I'll be watching your game on NFHS network while I'm at West Campus (my other girls) game Lol ...

    For those who may not know you can watch Mitty vs CN game on NFHS network (requires a membership or pay $10 for 1 month and cancel), matter of fact you can set it up to watch the boys Open (Woodcreek vs Sheldon) later too. All the State run games will be on NFHS network, some cable providers also carry it.
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    Eastside prep was better a couple of years ago. i saw them at Haas. They are not as good now.

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