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Thread: Coach Wilcox Radio Interview

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    Coach Wilcox Radio Interview

    Wilcox on at 8:10 p.m. tonight ...

    Link for listening:

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    Anyone catch this? What's the summary?

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    couldn't really find the archived interview at byline.
    I looked under college football interviews.
    Don't know what else to look under.

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    the interview did not really cover any Cal topics. it was more like what was his father's influence in his career, how the game of football has changed, who does he learn from, etc.

    here is link to the podcast but you may have to wait a while until it is posted. seems to be running two weeks behind.

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    podcast of the 03/06 interview available now ...

    fast-forward to 66:00 mark:

    acct registration may be required to access the podcast.

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