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Thread: OT Rachel Howard of USF

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    OT Rachel Howard of USF

    I really liked her in High school. She was an overachiever, good decent outside shooter, excellent FT shooter and was willing to bang in the inside despite being only 5-10. She was a Soph when Brittany & Elisha were seniors. We really needed to supplement our McD's with these type of players. This year she led USF in scoring with 18.1 pg, 5rba. Overall 42.6 fg%m, 3pts 68/175 or .386%, FT 134/161 .832%.

    Growing up in Berkeley, Howard was a “ginormous” Cal fan. She was a three-time NorCal champ and three-time state runner-up at Berkeley High, but Cal didn’t heavily recruit her.
    ...To bad we couldn't land her. It's not like we didn't have the scholarships
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    Not only has Rachel had success on the court, but she graduated in 3 years. She is now pursuing a masters in sport management. Congrats to her!!!
    Just another example of a kid who was passed over by many.

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    Sometimes the recruiting scouting report should simply say, "basketball player".

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    Quote Originally Posted by annarborbear View Post
    Sometimes the recruiting scouting report should simply say, "basketball player".
    Yep! But college coaches in general just need to do more homework, stop relying on the rankings, recruitment commentaries by people who benefit from writing them, overhyped articles and tweets, and just do the work, find the players who are just as good, if not better, but just not getting the recognition. And how about finding the players out there who are HUNGRY, who may be a little rough around the edges, but have potential to get better with a little development.
    Brianna Roberson for Stanford is a great example. I heard Stanford wasn't banging down her door, but she wanted to go to Stanford, and they took a chance on her. She has consistently gotten better through the years, and now they rely on her to get things done. She's still not the best shooter, not the most athletic, but she does the intangibles, and is definitely a player Tara wants on the floor when she wants to get things done.

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