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Thread: Baldwin likes what he sees at Cal

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    Are there 21 players on academic probation and will they lose double digit starters before or early in the season like in Dykes' first season?
    Dykes 'did' specifically say the "cupboard wasn't bare" when he showed up. And it wasn't. Doesn't negate your point, but the first response's point is valid too.

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    It's apples and oranges, though. It ignores the state of the roster when he came vs. where it was when the first season started, and even moreso a few games into the season. I guarantee you if he saw how many freshmen and walk-ons he'd have to start much of the season, he wouldn't even have thought about making a comment about being pleased with the talent. He wasn't the sort to set the bar high in advance with unreasonable expectations.

    Besides, the discussion with Baldwin had little to do with the overall state of talent on the roster. It was much more centered on the fact that he feels like the program can be a sleeping giant with all they have to sell. And he focused much more with being impressed on the character and makeup of the players rather than talent on the field since they haven't even gotten them out there for a practice yet.

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