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    G Ryan

    Interesting and thoughtful article about gender idenity by Michigan swimmer G Ryan.

    Was a child when I first heard about transgender identity via tennis player Renee Richards. One of my high school basketball coaches told us the unknown guy practicing the shot put alone in a San Jose football stadium was Bruce Jenner; was on the Wheaties box in a few months and perhaps even better known as Caitlyn Jenner 40 years later.

    Fond of North Carolina, but detest the nonsense of HB2's transgender bath room law. Given how much sports have educated on gender identity, the NCAA, ACC, and NBA were right to boycott the state.

    Ledecky makes the furdettes a distance juggernaut, but Michigan's 2018 combo of G, Rose Bi, and Sierra Schmidt will be collectively better. Go G, Go Blue!
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    People need to spend a whole lot less time telling others how to live.
    ~The Bear will not quilt. The Bear will not dye.~

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    Thx 4 the post, ���� (BD) - great to see a thoughtful & educational article on SwimSwam like this one, does make for a refreshing change of pace from the usual tiresome Cal-bashing troll comments over there

    tbh don't think anyone will have a realistic chance of dethroning uber Ledecky this week (well possibly teammate Manuel in the 200 free...oh, and Leah Smith may be the only swimmer capable of getting close enough to see KL's feet in the longer distances haha), but I'll be cheering on the Wolverines trio of G, Bi & Postoll to push down the rest of the furdette distance juggernaut (Drabot, Byrnes, Stevens, Voss, Stafford) in the 500 & the mile.

    And with help from Gabby DeLoof + my UM fave Siobhán Haughey, really hope that they will take away some of the potential points from Neal, Drabot, Byrnes, Stafford & Stevens in the 200 free (will reluctantly concede the top 2 spots there to Ledecky & Manuel )

    Mind you, much as I approve of their proper school colours, I'm only getting on the Michigan bandwagon here cos of their ability to do some damage to LSJU's scoring @ NCAAs, and will actually root against the same trio if they get into a close battle with Katie McL (and with a bit of hopeful luck, Chenoa)...might even boo Siobhán if she beats Abbey & McL, or even KV & Val, in the 200 haha.

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