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Thread: 2017 NCAA Tournament Schadenfreude

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    Results in November are overrated in March.

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    this is the most boring ncaa tournament in recent memory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bearsandgiants View Post
    this is the most boring ncaa tournament in recent memory.
    BAH!!! Lets see if the mighty Davis Aggies can get it done. THAT would vastly improve things (But yes, so far BORING.....)

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    Looks like chalk is mostly winning, which I think someone on here had predicted. Not surprising to me. If we were one of the first teams out, with all our flaws, it means the end of the field was pretty weak, and suggests few upsets. The interest will be how many of the #1s make it through, in particular whether Gonzaga can beat donut boy for a second time this year.

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    It's nice to see USC have some success in some sport.

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    Any joy from
    - S Carolina beating Duke ?
    - Bucky Badgers beating Villanova ?
    - Michigan beating Louisville ?

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    It's always fun seeing Coach K's head turn various shades of red during a loss

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    We haven't seen anything equivalent to the Florida Gulf Coast or Northern Iowa or Wichita State upsets of prior years, so the tournament seems boring. I guess the biggest surprise was Rhode Island as an 11 seed winning a game and then taking Oregon to the end before losing, and also Northwestern nearly fighting back from 20 against Gonzaga before a horrid call that caused Chris Collins to go apeshit.

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    Duke. And they did!

    Quote Originally Posted by RJABear View Post
    Cal basketball is on the sideline again during the NCAAs. We are now in re-building mode. All the joy has been sucked out of March Madness.

    Here is the question for my fellow Bears. I am asking just for spite. Not looking for Nevada or St Mary's to lose so that Cal can hire their coach.

    Who do you most want to see lose early in the tournament ?
    - Duke ?
    - Oregon ?
    - Kentucky ?
    - Gonzaga ?

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    By the way, anyone who thinks Mark Few is a good game coach should watch the second half of the Northwestern game.

    Quote Originally Posted by GB54 View Post
    Gonzaga, so we can rid ourselves of the plucky little school from nowhere story line.

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