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Thread: Article--Next Up: Battle of the Bears

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    Article--Next Up: Battle of the Bears

    Here's the preview of the match-up with Baylor:


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    baylor is elite
    bears need to cut the turnovers, shoot the ball well, and avoid foul trouble
    if they do those three things we've got a game
    I dont need easy, I need possible. Jorge Gutierrez

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    I agree. And even if Cal does not win, playing a top seed is always beneficial as a measuring stick.

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    This one could get ugly. If they play anywhere near how they did against LSU they are done.

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    Time, channel for game?

    NVM, found it. 6pm pacific, ESPN2 and WatchESPN.
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    I studied Baylor's roster and stats (see above) yesterday afternoon. I decided not to prepare a game analysis
    because the LadyBears have more talent on their roster than anyone in the Pac 12. IMO, this is the most talent
    Cal has ever faced next to UConn. When Kristine Anigwe goes up against taller post players, she usually doesn't
    fair well. Kalani Brown, a 6-7 soph, plus two other quality 6-4 posts are waiting...Baylor scores 90 ppg & wins by a margin of 34+.
    The LadyBears average 51 rebounds per game. Alexis Jones, Alexis Prince & Nina Davis all score in double-figures and are
    experienced seniors! Mulkey's crew is 15-1 at home in Waco. Texas upset them.

    Cal kept most games close this season. The most one-sided defeats were at the hands of the top three conference teams on the road: lost to UW by 23, Stanford by 18 and Oregon State by 16.

    I hope that the Bears play their best tonight to gain some national respect. Arizona State almost upset #1 seed South Carolina last night but lost 71-68...Incredible gameplan design by Charli Turner-Thorne and effort exerted by their players (especially senior Sophie Brunner). They were outsized and out-athleted but stayed competitive the entire game.

    Was Anigwe 100% vs LSU on Saturday night? She lacked energy. KA had 4 baskets from 1-3 feet on passes over the top plus 7 free throws. Those passes over the top will not be available often tonight. Maybe that will keep Mikayla Cowling from 12 turnovers...GO BEARS!
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    ^^^ I was just going to say K Brown is going to be a problem!-Lol. If Anigwe doesn't play smart she will mess around get fould out of frustration trying to battle with 6'7 K Brown...and not only is she taller than Anigwe, she is bulkier. Anigwe and Range are going to have their hands full-both will need to be on the floor together for this game. PG Jones is back (she was out with injury) and she is fast, AT will have her hands full with her...she's very experienced guard. And don't let Davis get going (unersized forward)... I just want us to compete. If we don't win I'm ok with that, but compete no blow-out.
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    Good analysis
    Rebounding sounds like it could be a problem
    Maybe Chen gets some minutes for her defense?

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