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Thread: NCAA Second Round: CAL vs Baylor

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    NCAA Second Round: CAL vs Baylor

    Bears just finished warming up. Lots of outside shots, and maybe I'm imagining it, but more work for Chen Yue underneath than I've seen...


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    Quote Originally Posted by pearbear View Post
    maybe I'm imagining it, but more work for Chen Yue underneath than I've seen...
    Chen might be our secret, never-scouted weapon!

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    Bears are back on court, and now literally, no one can shoot straight. Bears made 1 out of 10.

    Saving it for the game, maybe.

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    Kim Mulkey is dressed for early Easter.

    She's gone out of her way the last few days to seek out the Cal staff, Lindsay's fiancee, etc...

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    We need to shoot better if we're going to have a prayer. Baylor's not shooting well either

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    Cal is not moving much on offense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stu View Post
    Cal is not moving much on offense.
    Yeah, we're looking lost on the outside and Anigwe needs to kick the ball out more instead of going for low percentage shots. That said, she's playing hard

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    So many turnovers...3 second calls are such a waste

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    It's turning into a blowout - we're getting one bad shot, no rebound, Baylor is hitting threes.

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    Terribly coached team.
    Everything is forced in to Anigwe, too many players defer to her. No confidence.
    Turnover...turnover ....turnover.....

    The jig is up. The rout is on.

    Get some shooters Lindsay.

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    I think the problem is Baylor's defense is so good nobody, Anigwe included, is getting anything other than desperation shots. No surprise most aren't going in.

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    Baylor's defense is good, but it's the one-dimensional offense that's killing us. If they triple team Anigwe, we should be able to take advantage.

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    Well that was fun, install a scheme in the offseason that does not rely on a single forward to deliver points.

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    we are out rebounding (by 1) best rebounding in the nation
    that needs to continue
    also no one in foul trouble

    baylor with a lot of assists
    that ain't good
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