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Thread: Goal for next year: Consistent offense from someone else besides Anigwe

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClayK View Post
    So what is a better option than throwing the ball to Anigwe?

    Asha Thomas can make threes if she's given room (only LSU (ask people there about the coaching) and a couple others did so) but she's not very tall and fairly easily contained since she's not that great going to the rim.
    Your point kept sticking in my mind so I went back to see how we did when opposing coaches did not stop Thomas. Interestingly since conference play started, Thomas has had a good game in all of our wins except the last USC game. She had a good game in the first USC game (which we won) and it appears the coach (who got fired) made an adjustment to stop her in the last game. We won anyway but I think that had more to do with Simon being injured. Colorado also learned from their first game against us but that had to do more with their post out scoring and out rebounding Anigwe.

    So since conference games started, Thomas averaged 12.6 points per game in the games we won and 7.4 points per game in the games we lost. If you take out the last USC game, Thomas averaged 14.4 points in our wins.

    If we have another scoring threat next year (especially a guard), this should open things up a little for Anigwe and Thomas. I did not realize what a big factor Thomas was in our wins.

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    Is Destiney Littleton a potential recruit for Cal? I think that I recall reading that there was some contact after her USC decommit.

    Her prep career suggests she could be the diversification of scoring option

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    Little late to the convo here.. but honestly look back 50+ pages on this forum to the end of the boyle era.. everyone said "well I hope get a coach that gets this stagnant offense moving"... and then LG got hired and many of you said way back then that the offense would likely stay very stale.. and guess what, you were right. And if you can notice it from the stands, don't you think coaches/administrators can see that too? And that really delves into the deeper question of what does the admin expect of the program? Obviously fans want them to compete for titles, and after a taste of the final four, maybe even a national title. But in reality, the bears have only been finishing in the top half of the pac10/12 for what, 10 years? And only 5 of those years have they made a push for a conference title, and 2 of those they still finished 5-6 games back.

    So I guess what I am saying is, are you not satisfied with 9 NCAA tournament appearances in the last 12 years? Are you expecting deeper runs into the tournament every year? Or is the brand of basketball that you are watching that isn't doing it for you? Because honestly, I don't think the latter 2 are going to change much under the current crew. It may look different with an influx of talent, which may align again at some point, but I think it will solely be based on talent and not coaching. I mean, LG still has some recruiting clout with the Final 4 appearance, but thats fading. Good luck on trying to get a coach to completely change philosophies though

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