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Thread: UConn could go down

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    The back of her index finger (IMO). All number #00 did was raise her hands over her head because she is 5-11 and Samuelson is 6-3. Katie Lou Samuelson went down on the floor 3-4 x during the game and really appeared to be a soft player. The little 5-2 MSU PG stole the ball from her. In reality, the only dominant player that UConn had on the court was junior Gabby Williams (5-11). She had the best VJ that I have seen from a woman basketball player.

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    Nice FiveThirtyEight story

    Good to see WBB getting front-page coverage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oski003 View Post
    What part of the MS player hit Samuelson in the throat?
    As I recall, the forearm up to the elbow. Looked bloody painful.

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    After watching the two replays multiple times, I only saw the back of the hand and wrist graze Samuelson.

    The elbow never touched her head or neck.

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    There was contact but that was a flop and an academy award best acting performance
    I dont need easy, I need possible. Jorge Gutierrez

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    Quote Originally Posted by HoopDreams View Post
    There was contact but that was a flop and an academy award best acting performance
    probably looking at too much tapes of Lebron's flops!

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    haha, it's funny b/c I remember seeing KLS flop or "perform" the very first time I watched her play (USA Basketball, U16 or U17), and I thought it was quite silly. It way a few minutes into the first or second game of the tournament, USA would win by a million points, the ref's call kept possession with Team USA anyway...there was literally nothing at stake in the play but she pulled out the theatrics.

    Also funny b/c after Emma Stone won the Oscar for Best Actress in La La Land, I posted on the Boneyard "Congrats to KLS for winning the Academy Award tonight!" (haha I think they kind of resemble one another)

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    I guess most of you never saw one of the best HS floppers from So Cal. Well you did see her at the college level, Layshia Clarendon.

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    When something bearly grazes you chin and you grasp your throat and go down it looks pretty suspicious. I suspect this will catch up to her in time. Officials also watch replays and the time will come when she will not even get legit calls. It's the" boy crying wolf " scenario. Her flop was really obvious to anyone who watched the replays. That went beyond the usual definition for flopping which would be an exaggerated reaction to body contact to draw a charge. Grabbing ones throat after slight contact on the chin to draw a flagrant is blatant cheating. It promotes a win at all costs attitude that reflects badly on the very definition of "Sport".

    We also need to recognize that the Miss State magic was beginning to wear out. Their hot streak ( especially Williams ) was totally gone against SC. Sort of reminds me of the year Louisville beat Baylor riding Schimmels hot streak. Then she started to cool off against Cal ( who still stupidly focused on shutting her down and leaving their hot wing open )and than totally cold against Uconn. To advance in the NCAA's it not only requires talent but also a bit of luck.

    Just re-read my post - Left their " hot wing " open. lol. You never want to leave your " hot wings" open. They will draw flies or someone might take them.

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    What a game! I follow the SEC teams (Gamecoks are my 2nd favorite team to watch/support) during the season so I was well aware of MSU and what they can do. Coach Schaefer built that program from the ground up just like Coach Staley and game attendance is great! I was pleasantly surprised but not shocked when they beat UCONN. When I saw them put it to Baylor I thought they may really be ready for the big dance this year.

    I watched the final episode of UCONN The March To Maddness; the locker room scene after the felt for those ladies but nothing to hold their heads down about great season!

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    Totally disagree and this is more to do with Uconn haters than anything else. Bottom line the refs were atrocious throughout the final four. There were a lot of missed calls in both games. Probably the worst officiating I have seen in a long time. You can see contact on other shots including one made by KLS and also the one call made on Dillingham when she blocked Dangerfield which was a clean block. So there were calls missed both ways. The foul on KLS was clearly missed by the refs which is why the situation happened. The hit was to the windpipe by the side of her hand and reviewed by both the refs and NCAA after the fact, both said flagrant 1. Due to the hit above the shoulders it was reviewable. The refs don't take that long to review and not get it right. IMO they didn't want to call it but they had to and NCAA confirmed it.

    What happened to freedom of movement, all of a sudden that went out of the window this year. I don't want to see bruiser basketball come back and the refs need an upgrade for the women's game. We want more skill yet we complain when refs have to call.

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