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Thread: 3 x 3 ?

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    OR did send their high-scorer, Hebard, and best shooter Bando (Ionescu was also scheduled to go but was cancelled for some reason).

    The USAWBB site has inaccuracies about the sched/results, but assuming you're right that Cal went 2-4 (which makes the most sense; they did make it to the semifinal round though) that means that Cal lost twice to OR's less-than-best, in games without coaching....

    Maybe the takeaway is that Cal actually outcoached OR in the regular season, playing them even in 2 games -- when they had their best?

    There is an additional factor in the USAWBB article that would help explain the 20-6 loss, when all of the other games were close: Anigwe was out after taking an elbow in the quarterfinal match.
    There does seem to be some inaccuracies as pointed out by willtalk.

    I agree with you on your takeaway. Cal completely outplayed/out coached Oregon in the first game for 38.8 minutes and did the same for the 2nd game at Oregon.

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    Thanks! Only difference is that the rebounding team clears the ball out beyond the three point line. There was no three point line back in my time (1967-1971). GO BEARS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by willtalk View Post
    What I read on the USA site was that the Bears were 4-2 not 2-4. They got defeated by Washington 20-6 because they played a player short since Anigwe was elbowed in the face in the previous game and didn't play against Washington. So it's not quite as disastrous as it was made out to be. It was Washington that beat the Oregon Ducks. Just Go on the USA 3 on three site and they have the details and some highlights. Oh,by the way, Decosta made the USA under 18 team that's going to China this summer.
    The linked USA Basketball site had:
    Washington 21, Cal 16
    Cal 21, DMI 12
    Silent Assassins 15, Cal 12
    Cal 20, USC 8
    Oregon 21, Cal 6

    I thought if your opponents score more points than you - you lose. I guess that is not the case.

    Going back to the link, I noticed that it showed Cal's record as 3-1 even thought the opponents scored more points in 4 of the games. The same site shows an update now where Cal is 4-2.

    What I found interesting is that Washington won the tournament with a team of Romeo (MVP), Henson, Malgoza and Strother. Henson (Fr) was 8th in minutes played this season, Malgoza (Fr) was 10th and Strother (So) was 11th in minutes played. I guess Neighbors is not leaving the cupboard bare.

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    The logical conclusion would be that the initial scores and information was wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willtalk View Post
    The logical conclusion would be that the initial scores and information was wrong.
    I don't know what the site had up previously (if it was different), but the problem is in the prelim standings, Cal is listed at 3-1 while the prelim game results show Cal being 1-3 (they then won in the quarters and lost in the semi-finals)....

    The conclusion that makes the most sense to me is that 1-3 is correct because the other teams' standings match up with the game results.

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