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Thread: OT: Sort of cute story about a Cal law student - KAB should like it

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    OT: Sort of cute story about a Cal law student - KAB should like it

    Dude gets his airbags replaced because of Takata airbag recall, mechanic finds a mysterious iPhone stuck in the dash.

    I'm only posting this because KAB should like this story. If you're not KAB don't complain about losing five precious minutes of your life...

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    Ha. I actually have a mutual friend with Sully.

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    Ah found the Kina Grannis easter egg on Easter Sunday. Quite a fascinating story.

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    HAHA! Great story! However, I just gave the cliff-notes version of this to my wife and she had the most unimpressed look on her face. The only other time she gets that way is when I try and share with her all the information and knowledge I glean from reading sports-related topics on this forum!

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    And if you read the article to the end. you will find yet ANOTHER mystery potential solved - why do socks go missing in the wash? I just lost 2 socks in the wash last week, and now I think I know what happened to them!

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