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    football helmet research improvement

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    I have a hard time understanding how a shear thickening fluid will prevent concussions. I can see how it would make for a stronger helmet, but you are still going to get the same type of head movement even with a stronger helmet. I realize it's Wikipedia but note this statement: "Studies with athletes have shown that the amount of force and the location of the impact are not necessarily correlated with the severity of the concussion or its symptoms..." Would be interested if someone has an explanation/answer.

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    This technology is going to have a ton of great applications, but preventing concussions or the effects of long-term multiple smaller bonks to the head is not one of them.

    The football example in the article is a chin strap that is stretchy and more comfy for the user so it doesn't feel so tight. This is why you see football players, mostly QBs, release one or two of the attachments after the play is over (so that it's easier to call the next play), then re-attach as they approach the LOS. With a strap made from this new material it will be stretchy and comfortable enough so the players won't feel the need to release an attachment point, but upon impact the strap instantly stiffens and keeps the helmet in proper position, thus reducing the potential for injury from a loose strap allowing the helmet to shift position.

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