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Thread: OT: UC Berkeley tucks its tail between its legs...cancels speech by Ann Coulter

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClaremontBear View Post
    Technically, it is about what people who are deathly afraid of her ideas will do--riot, throw bottles, vandalism--and the UC administration's refusal to protect the victims of violence and intimidation. I am not sure this makes UC Berkeley look better. I mean, the actual situation is completely pathetic, and all they have to do is call in a sufficient police force and OK arrests of anyone looking for violence or vandalism. It is an easy problem to fix.

    The administrators and the city tied the hands of the police during the Milo riots, and the antifa rioters got away with assaulting women and starting fires on campus, which caused his speech to be cancelled. They got exactly what they wanted and faced zero consequences, and now we are predictably in a much worse situation. It is pathetic.

    For those who forget, here is a literal Afghani refugee who was maced by antifa at the Milo event: Several other people were also maced and beaten with flag poles. No one was arrested. The police were right there watching it all happen and did nothing. That is how we ended up here.
    +1 for everything but the first sentence

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    Quote Originally Posted by dajo9 View Post
    There will be violence, bloodshed, and property damage on our campus. All of it pointless and fitting the desires of the speaker.
    Coulter won't be throwing rocks or breaking windows. Don't blame her, blame the left and the so called anarchists.

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    This is a really interesting video. Watch the whole thing. I am not sure all of its conclusions are correct, but it is utterly convincing on a few counts.

    The Trump Nationalists were without a doubt assaulted by Police munitions: police smoke grenades and police flash grenades. Antifa probably threw firecrackers, yes, but this convincingly proves police smoke and flash grenades were thrown at innocent, peaceful demonstrators. Now, I am not nearly as sure as this guy that it was done by Agent Provocateurs, but munitions only law enforcement can legally buy were clearly used against the Trump Nationalists (very few of which were White Nationalists by the way). It seems like these munitions would be closely tracked, so an investigation should feasibly found out were they came from. Only law enforcement can buy these items.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ClaremontBear View Post
    All my assumptions were correct, which your response proves. You are being disingenuous and it is frankly annoying as heck. Why should anyone discuss anything with you ever? Go troll twitter because that is obviously your goal.
    Why so angry? Did you come in here thinking you wouldn't find any disagreement?

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    This investigator has more videos which have interesting content if specious conclusions. They are well worth a watch. I recommend you watch them all the way through. He thinks the Berkeley PD orchestrated heinous things, which isn't super supported by the evidence. What is supported is that police grade munitions (smoke, flash, and sound) were shot into the Trump Nationalist camp. Also, as this video shows, this police munitions did occur at the same time that the big brawl between antifa and the Nationalists happened.

    It is interesting to see the actual context of the Nazi punching the antifa girl as well. Was this caused by the police? Or Agent Provocateurs? Who knows? The evidence is slim. The evidence does show police grade munitions in the middle of all of this. Ask your friends who are into guns and explosives if you are skeptical. These aren't things you can buy anywhere in the US legally. Or anywhere easily. You can't go to Mexico and pick up flash grenades.
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    So ClaremontBear - are you a big Leo Strauss fan? Just curious as to the origin of your user name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tequila4kapp View Post
    Coulter won't be throwing rocks or breaking windows. Don't blame her, blame the left and the so called anarchists.
    At the Berkeley city park chaos the extreme Right was equally at fault for the violence. I would expect them to show up as well as the extreme Left.

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    I am posting a link to a letter written by an attorney representing BCR. Obviously, the letter represents their point of view, but it does include some new facts (or if you prefer allegations) that provide context.

    1. Coulter was invited to campus by BridgeCal which is supposedly a non-partisan group (see article here:

    2. Coulter's speech was intended as a counterpoint to another speaker invited by BridgeCal - Maria Echaveste. That speach was given at night on April 17.

    3. Apparently the student group(s) did timely submit the customary requests for Coulter's speech.

    4. Cal is proposing to reschedule Coulter's speech to dead week.

    If the letter is even "mostly true," Cal screwed up big time.
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    Personally, dead week seems like an ideal time. Kids are out of class, and it's probably harder for outside crazies to make it.

    I do think Cal messed up tho. Not because they don't want her to speak, but because they have no idea how to handle yo anarchists.
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    Student groups threatened to sue if UC prevented Coulter to speak.

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