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Thread: Ms. Basketball Destiny Littleton looking @ USC, Texas, Cal, ASU

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    Ms. Basketball Destiny Littleton looking @ USC, Texas, Cal, ASU

    "College possibilities

    Besides being in Austin for an official visit to Texas when this week’s Ms. Basketball honor was announced, Littleton has still not ruled out Southern California, where she de-committed, plus Cal is in the picture, and she’s also considering Arizona State."

    USC was said to be her dream school regardless, but surprised they still don't have a coach. Kristen Simon had a funny take on the coaching situation:

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    What do you think about our chances?
    She and Kianna Smith seem to have developed a friendship. And I'm sure she and Alaysia Styles are acquainted given both are from the San Diego area.

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    I don't think Arizona State makes sense given Littleton's volume-shooter style of play. Charli Turner-Thorne's notorious rotations are fine for some players but don't seem like a good fit for Littleton.

    And don't be fooled by Littleton's numbers. She's a very good player, no doubt, but not as good as her scoring totals suggest. If you play against overmatched high school opposition and your coach designs the system to maximize your stats (and there's nothing wrong with either of those things), you're going to look pretty good.
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