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Thread: OT - Interstate fugitive teacher and underage student found in California.

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    OT - Interstate fugitive teacher and underage student found in California.

    Every once in awhile, a story in an obscure place hits home. And this story did just that today.

    During the summer between my junior and senior years at Cal a friend and I went car camping
    thru the backwoods of Northern and NorthEastern California, leaving civilization around Redding
    and returning in Oroville. We headed by Trinity Lake, past Coffee Creek and entered the Salmon
    River wilderness or primitive area, following the South Fork of the Salmon River,we didn't see
    another car for two days, until entering the metropolis of Forks of the Salmon. Between Coffee
    Creek and Forks of the Salmon I don't remember any gas stations, markets, large settlements. But evidently
    halfway on that route we passed thru Cecilville, an old gold mining town, where the fugitives were apprehended today.
    The road was an improved gravel road which meant that the road was graded with maybe some road base
    but at river crossings there were modern concrete bridges with paved approaches on either side.
    The area had suffered a massive flood the year before and rushing waters had removed most
    vestiges of civilization. One of the most isolated areas in this state, and now in the national news.

    When the story first broke about the disappearance of an older teacher and a teenage girl I was reminded
    of the classic Bret Harte story of a male teacher and a fetching girl student, M'Liss. Everytime I see a
    media love story about an older teacher and a younger student I think of reading that story when a
    junior at Cal and realizing that such stories are nothing new but remain just as lurid and scandalous
    today. It is a bit surprising that they ended up in California since many southern states in the past
    have allowed brides as young as 12 and some groups like the Irish Travelers have lived in sanctuary
    cities conducting underage marriages in South Carolina and Georgia, ignored by law enforcement.

    Football content - I was a Cal football manager when I visited, unknowingly passed thru Cecilville.

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    What years were you a Cal football manager?

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    Reminds me of this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bear19 View Post
    What years were you a Cal football manager?
    68-69 and 69-70

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