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Thread: Aquira Decosta's final 5 schools (hint exciting news)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CalFanatic View Post
    Wow. Out of the Moore sisters, Littlejohn and DeCosta who are we most likely to snag?

    I would prefer both Moore sisters, given our shortcomings. That gets us to week 2 of the tournament. Would take them all
    Probably Mariya then Aquira

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    MB, anything going on with the Moore's and DeCosta?

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    I like Cal's chances with Mariya. Highly doubt Minyon will take a 2-year transfer penalty to transfer within the P12.

    With DeCosta, she's shown more interest lately. We'll see if it goes anywhere.

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    Brandon was used strictly as a low post player, who was counted on to pimarily rebound and protect the rim.

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