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    If this comes up on your phone, click on the link at the top of the page, not on the one that says "Remove Virus Now."

    This is called a phishing attack - the goal is to get you to click on the link (solid blue with the remove verbiage). That is what activates the malware.

    For folks not familiar with the term "phishing." It is a cousin to the word "fishing." When you fish, you dangle bait in the water to tempt a fish to bite on the hook.

    A phishing attack "dangles" a link that the user needs to click in order to activate the attack. The reason bad guys use phishing is that because the user clicks on the link, the attack can get by more security software.

    The admin posted the link at the top of the page so that he can examine the pop-up code to more effectively stop the pop-up from happening in the first place.

    A good pop-up blocker on your phone (& laptop) will prevent this type of attack since it blocks the pop-up in the first place.

    You should also install an antivirus utility on your phone (& laptop) as well to stop other types of attacks commonly launched on the Internet.

    Hope this explanation helps you understand what is going on & how to protect your internet connected devises (phone, laptop etc.).

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