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Thread: WNBA roster update

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    WNBA roster update

    Really sad to see Reshanda Grey got cut from the Conn. Sun. Her Achilles heel
    has always been foul trouble, 11min 5 fouls vs LA and 8min 3 fouls vs NY.
    Courtney Range also got cut from the Washington DC mystics back on April 29th, didn't even get a chance to play in a preseason game.
    Keeping the fingers crossed that someone else picks them up, or that they have lots of success overseas and can make a roster next year.
    Go bears!

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    I think Range wasn't completely healed from what ever was bothering her at the tail end of the season. She should just sign over seas and give it another shot next year. I didn't really expect her to have a shot this year.

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    Sad, but not surprised, about them both. On the other hand, Reshanda has done well overseas: the two or three teams she's played for thus far have always quickly improved their standings when she joined. I hope Range will follow her lead. She is very, very talented, and might find her game Over There.

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