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Thread: Why did we schedule both UNC and Ole Miss?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYCGOBEARS View Post
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    ]And it always survives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaliforniaGoldenBear View Post
    How so?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 6bear6 View Post
    Is it because Sonny had connections Down South and it was ripe for recruiting?
    This is very likely correct.

    All scheduling is done for three purposes: exposure/recruiting, money and/or wins. These games look like they are heavily slanted toward Sonny's emphasis on recruiting the south.

    Personally, I'd like to see us find ways to achieve those objectives while also playing teams which also hedge against being semi-pro teams and who care about academics.

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    The SEC and ACC are getting a lot of crap out about their OOC schedule. Cal is a good road trip and a winnable

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