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Thread: If you're not cheating, you're not trying.

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    If you're not cheating, you're not trying.

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    WOW! Wish some one would get this article to the the outstanding distance runner (Teare) who attends Saint Joseph HS in Alameda,Ca across the bridge from Oakland. Teare flirts with a 4 minute mile and is even better in longer distance. Wish we at Cal could get this level of talent but Oregon is a professional school for athletes particularly in Track and Fields thanks to their billionaire shoe/athletic gear magnet (Moore) who floods OU with millions of dollars for athletic programs.
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    Alarming, but not surprising article. The alarming part is that the last sentence of the article says that the U.S. Anti-doping agency has done nothing to stop the Oregon Project & Salazar from continuing right along injecting runners with massive amounts of chemicals.

    What's the point of all the interviews & research when there are no consequences?

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    I take a pill everyday for an under active thyroid. My doctor and all my reading on the subject have said that taking more medicine than absolutely necessary is very hard on the heart. I can't believe those involved in these 'experiments' aren't being shut down

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