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Thread: Rooks to San Diego st

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    Rooks to San Diego st

    I did not see this posted on this board. But for those who don't know Rooks has decided to go to San Diego State per NBC sports .

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    No surprise. He's from San Marcos in north San Diego County.

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    Not sure how they'll do without the great coach...

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    Do we play them this year?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HoopDreams View Post
    Do we play them this year?
    I believe so, this year (2017-18), and maybe 2018-19 as well . . .
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    Grad transfer

    Quote Originally Posted by Basketball Bear View Post
    Here is the link.
    Sad to see him go.
    Interesting choice for a grad transfer. After all, SDSU is known for the academic standards, NOT.

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    Good kid who may not have played a lot of the coach follows through on his play to go more up tempo. Clearly looks like a basketball decision. Wish the best to Kam, who has not had an easy few years given his injuries and his dad's untimely death.

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