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Thread: Ivan Rabb and other NBA Draft News

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    Quote Originally Posted by grandmastapoop View Post
    Rooting against the kid, who seems quiet and a good teammate, because his dad is a loudmouth? Harsh.
    Fair and great point.
    How about this?
    My Fandom, or lack thereof, is something that will never affect Lonzo personally. It's just me and the tv, or newspaper. He'll never know I'm wishing the ball runs out. (So, get off my lawn and let me enjoy sports innocuously. wink/smile)
    If I ever happen to meet him, I will be polite and shake his hand, sure!
    Tony siragusa, Donald trump, and papa ball? No. They don't get such respect from me.

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    Am now watching NBA TV's coverage of the Draft Combine. It's a repeat of Day 1 back in May. Having gone to all of Ivan's games for two seasons, he never appeared to have gained much weight or added any bulk. At this Combine, he looks more buffed and has definite muscle development in the upper body. Should help him in the pro game wherever he plays. He won't be pushed out of position as much.

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    Ivan would need lower body strength to help him hold his position on the block.

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