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Thread: Are these our new uniforms? If so, many should be happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonofoski View Post
    As long as the new uniforms have blocked numbers, no strips and gold rather than what someone could call yellow, I will be happy.
    Quote Originally Posted by TomBear View Post
    On first glance, I like 'em, but ideally I would like a deeper gold. This is still too yellow, but is probably acceptable since there is no white trim on the numerals. The block numeral looks awesome and will fit in well with the traditional block C. Hope to see an actual photo soon. Drawing gives encouragement.

    The uniforms aren't final but the brand guidelines are so the colors and numerals are pretty much set.

    Considering the emphasis on script Cal, the retro block C bear and new block typeface I'd be surprised—and very disappointed—if they don't go in a traditional / simple direction. That said they're definitely going to work the weird Sather stripe in somewhere. Also not a big fan of the script Golden Bears. Hope that's reserved for baseball / softball.


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    Quote Originally Posted by TouchedTheAxeIn82 View Post
    That jersey looks great. However, I'm throwing this idea back out there again. The script Cal is already on the helmet. I think we need to make it clear that we are California. Outside of the Pac-12 footprint an awful lot of people do not understand that Cal = California = UC Berkeley.

    I would be stoked with CALIFORNIA in front (like Oklahoma) but no bear claw. Keep it clean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BAyers3 View Post
    I'm going to hold off the excitement until I see the pants and helmet, this could still go VERY wrong.

    If the helmet and pants follow the jersey, it could be really nice.
    Yeah, if history is any indication, these will be paired with some white pants with blue trim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSouseFamily View Post
    Looks nice but I'd prefer ditching the Cal script on the chest. These days, that's cluttered real estate with all sorts of different patches (conference, shoe company, captain C, bowl, memorial patch, etc). Goff, wearing a Ted patch and captain patch had five chest patches and I assume 6 during the bowl game. It can get very busy and i think it looks nicer when it's clean. I'd like The Cal script if there weren't already other patches there but there's already plenty with UA and P12 at a minimum and we probably don't need another. Just say no to chest patch overkill.
    Agree. I love the clean, classic look.

    On a side note, I flipped on the European leagues soccer championship the other week (sorry, you soccer fans, I probably have the terminology wrong). It was, IIRC, Real Madrid vs. Juventus, but I could see NO MENTION of the teams' names on the unis. It looked like Emirates was playing Jeep. I wouldn't have even known which team was which, except for my son played on a team last fall modelled after Real Madrid, so I recognized the purple/Emirates. Yuk! Given the direction that college football has been headed, I would not be surprised if we eventually head closer to that direction.

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