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Thread: Bear Insider - The next chapter

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    Bear Insider - The next chapter

    I'm humbled and excited to be the new owner and publisher of Bear Insider. Chris Avery and I had been discussing this possibility for some time and it culminated in one of those rare opportunities in life to pursue a business opportunity that completely aligns with a personal passion. I’ve been a dedicated football and basketball season ticket holder and donor to Cal athletics for more than 25 years and an active poster and community member of CyberBears/BearInsider from this site's origins nearly twenty years ago.

    This community is special. We come together to collectively share the myriad highs and lows that are part of being a Cal fan. Yet, Bear Insider is much more than that. It's a place to discuss the broader world of sports as well as life beyond sports. We visit here to take comfort from the diversity of thought and background that uniquely mark Cal alums and fans while sharing a deep and abiding love for the best damn University on the planet. For many of us, BearInsider is a friendly oasis that feels much like the local bar where everyone inside knows you well and can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

    I take pride in Bear Insider’s independence. Owned and operated by one of our own from the very beginning and again today. It’s my hope that not only can this community continue to hold on to its openness, transparency and special sense of humor, it can also grow to become the destination to all Cal fans for all things Cal athletics. We have big ambitions. We want to provide this community with not simply all the relevant news concerning Cal sports, we expect that information to be thoughtful, professionally delivered and provide the depth of insight that only an independent website dedicated to Cal can deliver. In the last few days since the transition, we’ve upgraded our message boards and improved the websites security. We’re experimenting with new and different types of content and in the coming weeks, you will see a brand new website, a new mobile site, and an ever increasing amount of quality video, audio and written content. We are determined to provide more inside information on Cal athletics than can be obtained everywhere else combined.

    There’s work to be done and we’re counting on all of you to help us focus our resources in the areas that will help you enjoy Bear Insider to the fullest. Your feedback and input, your creativity and your contributions to this community are in the end what will set us apart and determine what we become.

    Feel free to reach out to me at any time.

    Go Bears!
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    a hearty welcome BearGreg, re-registered July '17,, hey-hey.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smh View Post
    a hearty welcome BearGreg, re-registered July '17,, hey-hey.
    Step one! Devote a separate thread for "cheese cake". I have to go through pages of Latina butts and boobs to find any sports news. They are not bad to look at but this is supposed to be a SPORTS blog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caltagjohnson View Post
    Step one! Devote a separate thread for "cheese cake". I have to go through pages of Latina butts and boobs to find any sports news. They are not bad to look at but this is supposed to be a SPORTS blog.
    Yes. I second this notion.

    Let's stick to basketball. Or whatever Cal sport, without the demeaning and irrelevant use of the feminine.

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    CHF = BearGreg.... I wouldn't have changed but that is just me... looking forward to see how your plans play out... thanks for taking the reins...

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    Hi Greg, I don't know you but really appreciate you taking over and very much look forward to what you have in mind.

    To Chris, a big Thank You for all that you did.

    Go Bears!

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