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Thread: Paul George to the warriors?

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    And today, trading Klay for George would just be stupid, both team wise and salary cap wise. It's not about simply comparing Klay versus George skills against each, it's about how each helps the team, and Klay wins that easily. Doesn't need the ball in his hands on offense, and on D versatile enough to guard the point guard as well as bigger guys. And Klay guarding opposing point guards protects Curry both from match ups that are poor for him and saves some of energy it'd take for Curry to guard the Westbrook's, Wall's and Irving's.

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    Not necessarily. I think if Durant opts out and they do the deal before he re-signs there might be a way to pull it off. If I recall, given his cap hold they could be slightly under the projected apron. Of course, the projection this year was wrong so there's that too.

    I think the entire rumor is bullshit and that the Warriors would not end up being better. Also, in light of reports about there being limits to how much luxury tax they were willing to pay when they were looking at Iguodala, Livingston and Durant, I doubt they'll want to up it even more with another max deal. I don't even think it makes the team better, though I'm sure some would debate that.

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    The Warriors are over the salary cap apron and would remain over the apron in a theoretical sign and trade, so they don't have the option of doing that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoragaBear View Post
    No, there was talk of it almost happening a couple years ago that only came out a couple weeks ago, with universal agreement that everyone's glad it didn't happen and that it wouldn't happen now.
    I think you got mixed up. I tried to find anything about George/Klay trade from two years ago, whether coming out then or now, and saw nothing. George was never shopped before this summer, as far as I know. Indy wanted to keep him. But they did offer him for Klay this summer:

    Before trading the four-time All-Star to the Thunder on June 30, the Pacers shopped George around the league in hopes of making the best deal. George can become a free agent next summer, and he announced plans to leave Indiana. The Southern California native previously had made it clear that he’d like to land with the Lakers.

    He instead got Russell Westbrook and Oklahoma City, at least partly because the Warriors rebuffed Indiana’s overtures.

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