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Thread: From new Cal budget, athletics

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    From new Cal budget, athletics

    For example, Cal Athletics — which ran an almost $22 million deficit in fiscal year 2016 and holds the most debt of any athletic department in the United States as of 2017 — is mandated to reduce its budget deficit by $4.652 million over the next fiscal year, according to the Cal Athletics divisional budget dashboard.
    Cal Athletics identifies various potential long-term strategies to raise revenues and reduce expenses, including “the relocation of track and soccer programs — if continued — to a different location and allowing the campus to construct residential housing at Edwards Stadium” and making “reductions in program scope” up to $8 million per year.

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    The Track & Field program alone most likely has an annual budget around $1.5 million a year as it is.
    Am not surprised one bit by the inference that Edwards Field will take on a different use for the University.

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    Curious and saddened. Edwards is a historic landmark, right? It might be difficult to construct housing there. Secondly, where would they relocate the track team to? I can see soccer at Witter or Clark-Kerr, but there isn't a viable spot for track. Thirdly, they've spent millions on resurfacing the track. Kind of a waste of resources to throw it out after repairing it.

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