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Thread: Great B/W Pic of Haas

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    Great B/W Pic of Haas

    Great pic posted on Paris Austin's Twitter account of him and Rabb (I think*) at Haas: Lots of chatter that Austin's play is going to be a very pleasant surprise come this Fall.

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    He has to sit out a year doesn't he?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankBear21 View Post
    He has to sit out a year doesn't he?
    Yeah. I guess I meant more that he will be a pleasant surprise once we start seeing video of him at practice, getting reports from coaches, etc re: his skills. He's a nice add to future potential of program.

    Optimism for the 2017-18 season itself is still fairly muted, but I'm not gonna write off the new staff before they've every coached a game.

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