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Thread: USA Rugby Findings (Robert Paylor)

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    USA Rugby Findings (Robert Paylor)

    An ad hoc committee has extensively reviewed the event and the actions of the players leading up to Paylor's injury. In its summary, the committee indicated that although there were a number of infringements that contributed to this tragic outcome, a key contributing factor was the reckless bind of a defender across the back of Robert's neck. The committee struggled with, and did not come to a conclusion on intent, but that is not important. What does matter is a player engaged in a reckless action, failed to recognize it was reckless, and as a result, there was an outcome that no one would have intended.

    "I want to thank this committee, the first of several examining this event, for its service and dedication to this extremely thorough review," USA Rugby CEO Dan Payne said.

    With the foregoing in mind, USA Rugby will be launching a number of initiatives as a result of the committee's report, including:

    1. The commencement of a disciplinary review of the incident
    2. A medical review committee has begun a review process with the following goals:
    3. Identify and describe the mechanism of injury,
    4. Provide feedback in regards to safety issues identified with the mechanism and rugby play,
    5. Provide recommendations to USAR to reduce risk of injuries similar to this case.
    6. A review of all delivered courses to ensure they include a safety module that specifically focuses on contact to the neck and head at the tackle, ruck, maul and scrum and an ethos that promotes a zero tolerance for such behavior.
    7. All USAR staff will be charged with reinforcing the safety concerns described above and promoting the ideal of zero tolerance while encouraging others, coaches, match officials, administrators, to do the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wags View Post

    Clearly wreckless... not too mention illegal.
    "The committee struggled with, and did not come to a conclusion on intent, but that is not important."

    That statement is what bugs me about their "findings".

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