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Thread: Who here remembers Marty Lurie and Bear Talk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HAL9000 View Post
    I remember Bob from Mountain View.
    Some guy named Ivan always called who was smart and Powe's AAU coach knew a lot about hoop. Dave Bull Tinkle (as someone on this board called him) was a sharp analyst as well. Wheeler was also very good. I quit listening to the Loonies show long ago but if Wheeler is on it then it at least has some redeeming quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wifeisafurd View Post
    IMHO, Tedford is a far more complicated guy. He is shy of saying anything controversial to the media, but in prviate he can be scary honest. For example, at one of the SoCal coach tours, well after Monty, Sandy et. al had left, JT shut down the bar with a handful of Cal fans, and was incredibly candid about his concerns, as well as well as complimenting those who performed well, and even telling stories about other coaches. ......
    And you didn't post detailed transcripts of JT's stories on this site?! C'mon, man, help your fellow Cal fanatics out. We live for that kind of inside dirt!

    JK...... I'm sure it was all understood to be off-the-record. Darn, I would've loved to have been in that audience.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by GldnBear71 View Post
    If any fan of Cal hoops still believes Jon Wheeler left Braun's coaching staff to "spend more time with his family" I have a bridge in Arizona to sell, real cheap.
    Proven by the fact that Wheels applied for the head job at Davis about 2 weeks later.

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    [QUOTE=Mike Zillion;315023]Unfortunately, I think Tedford shares that quality.


    Whether Braun and JT share a personality trait is up for debate, however, I think almost everyone would agree you have a successful coach who is totally secure and comfortable with himself and another guy who was insecure, a mediocre coach and a control freak. When you go up to JT and talk to him he's calm, looks you in the eye and will talk to you in a normal sincere manner. Ben was like a cat on a hot-tin roof;he changed the subject, looked at your tie or something other than the head region and had no idea or intention of conversing in a manner that would gain your confidence and/or respect.

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