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Thread: Anyone visited the new Pac-10 site?

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    Anyone visited the new Pac-10 site?

    If so, can you explain to me why it looks so awful?

    (But at least there aren't any banner photos of players who graduated the year before!)

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    Did you click on the standings? It's terrible. They list San Diego State as a Pac-10 team! How odd. I haven't been able to find a way to contact them; there's no email address or "click here for feedback" button. I've been using the site to follow volleyball, and I have to say that I am disappointed that finding--and reading--information seems so hard. I thought maybe it was just me ...

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    Not to mention listing some actual Pac-10 schools more than once in the standings!

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    Yep. I thought that was just my web browser messed up. Anyone know how to contact them? Someone on the men's board posted a phone number awhile ago for calling about the website, but I can't find that post! Help?

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    I've visited the website for volleyball

    and it has the right teams. Maybe the other sports will catch up when the season begins. So far I don't like it. But I'm not a good computer guy so maybe someone else can manipulate it better.

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    of volleyball webpage is last year's Cal Stanford match on the Farm.

    I don't like this new Pac 10 website at all either. Visually strange.

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    Larry Scott Spent the Website Budget on Jet Fuel

    The website is full of errors and is not very appealing at all. I think Larry must have hired some high school kid to design the thing after he spent the budget on jetting around the the west looking for teams to add to the Pac-10.

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    San Diego State

    Is in the Pac 10 for at least Men's Soccer.

    That said, I hate the new sit, so hard to find things, if you can find them at all.

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    SDSU is in the Pac-10 for soccer because the Mountain West conference doesn't have soccer. No other MW school fields a team. But they are not in the Pac-10 for basketball, the Mountain West does have a conference for basketball.

    I agree, it is difficult to find things. I am a computer person, wvitbear, and I hate it, too. It isn't just you, it's a terrible site. I imagine they spent a TON of money to have it re-designed, it has the look of one of those expensive re-branding projects that make websites supposedly look sophisticated but actually make them less navigable.

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    I can find the stories each week

    in volleyball but I can't find the standings or statistics.

    I don't care what it looks like. As Joe Friday said ,"Just the facts mame."

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    It took me awhile to find them, too, wvitbear. If you click on "sports" and select "volleyball," you get to a page that is (supposedly) the volleyball page. At the top of that center scroll-down thingy, you can click on "scores," "schedule," and "standings." On the right--in blue, blending into the Furd crowd--are the links for statistics, media guide, news release, and player of the week. I find that the news release is sometimes for another sport, and they don't always post the player of the week (today, for example, there is no player of the week story for last week). I also have an excessively slow internet connection, so sometimes it doesn't even load.

    Hope that helps you find the stats and such! These features were missing for the first 2 weeks of the volleyball season ...

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