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Thread: Media Guide Photos and Bios Posted

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    Media Guide Photos and Bios Posted

    The media guide itself hasn't been posted yet, but you can see most of the media guide photos and bios at

    Use the "meet the team" drop-down menu at the top. After clicking on a player's name, note that the next page will have two links. The first (e.g. "Afure Jemerigbe") will lead to the bio and action photos and the second (e.g. "Meet Afure!") will lead to those candid photos of players posing, acting goofy, hugging each other and so on.

    My ad-blocker, OS and browser may be preventing me from seeing other stuff at this site beyond the drop-down menu and the links at the bottom, so if anyone notices other good stuff on this site, please advise.

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    Gorgeous photos!

    I'm really impressed with McClure's work; the girls look so charming and so unaffectedly happy. (Some impressive displays of muscle as well!)

    BearBloke says to click on "Behind the Scenes," then "Cal Experience," to see what Mooch can do with her eyebrows!

    Question: Can anyone find a link to on the regular Cal WBB Web site? It seems like there should be one prominently displayed on the home page, but I can't find it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BearBint View Post
    Can anyone find a link to on the regular Cal WBB Web site? It seems like there should be one prominently displayed on the home page, but I can't find it.
    I don't see a link either. I think when the complete media guide is ready (with all the essays and records and stats), then a link for the guide will be available and the guide will in turn link to all these photos and videos. When I stumbled onto the soberkeley site by mistake (it showed up on a blog search for Joanne), I figured that I found an unintentional sneak preview of the upcoming media guide so I came on here to let everyone know.

    I also enjoyed the Cal Experience video - a great chance to hear our freshmen talking enthusiastically about why they came to Cal.

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    Thanks, WayneBear!!!!!!!! My internet connection is too slow for the videos, but the photos all come across clearly.

    I am perpetually impressed with Mollie McClure's photography. Some of these photos are incredible. The girls look so ... THEMSELVES in these photos. I love that they look so real, even though they are posed. The clothes suit them perfectly, and the players just look like they are having a good time and clearly enjoy one another. Kudos to her for another job well done!

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    Mollie said the MG isn't quite ready for prime time as she's still working on it so that's probably why there's not a link on the main wbb page yet.

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    Pac-10 Media Guide Is Now Online

    The Cal media guide isn't here yet but in the meantime you can now download the Pac-10 Media Guide.

    I haven't looked thru it yet other than to verify that (1) the new conference tournament format is as previously leaked (see this thread) and (2) the Oregon State page does have a roster (even though their own OSU website still hasn't posted it).

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    > Mollie McClure's photography

    WBB has a one minute youtube vid of Ms MM working with the team, speaking even.. "I like the idea of you all looking bigger":

    Come to think of it everybody already YT registered (fast, free, recommended) *gotta* subscribe to channel CalBearsWBB..

    Signed, Sooo relieved when the season tickets arrived 10 mins ago.

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    Cal "Record Book" Now Available

    I have no idea what final form the media guide will take, but the portion of the media guide that was previously devoted to "History & Statistics" is now a separate online publication called the "Record Book".

    Here are the different links that you can use to access the document (warning, these are the links that worked on my Mac and Firefox, your results may vary).

    The unwieldy online-only version is at this link.

    A version which is just as bad but which at least has a clearly displayed link to download it to your computer is at this link. The download link appears near the top, next to the green arrow and above the document toolbar (you may have to create an account to download from this BS host).

    If anybody can find a direct link for downloading the document without going thru the gymnastics that I just did, please provide it.

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    I actually like the on-line version a lot. What is so unwieldy about it, WayneBear?

    I do wish the download was easier. The other option involves a lot more gymnastics; download page by page and then merge them into a PDF document. If I get around to doing that, I'll let you know.

    When are they actually going to get the media guide up there? What's taking so long? I've been trolling the internet for media guides for our opponents and a lot of them have been posted for at least a week now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BleacherBear View Post
    I actually like the on-line version a lot. What is so unwieldy about it, WayneBear?
    I use the record book frequently as a reference, so I prefer something I can scan thru quickly (page down or right arrow to find the right section in a modestly-sized pdf is usually faster than entering a find command or looking at the table of contents and entering a page number). An online version is always going to be the lamer and slower for that, especially when it has its own toolbar with icons that aren't necessarily intuitive for all and have no mouseover hints (at least on my OS/browser).

    Unless someone comes up with a direct download link, I'd advise anyone who wants this reference to just use my second link, create an account with issuu, use the download icon to receive the entire pdf, and never have to look at the online version or issuu again.

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    Yeah, I see what you mean. Different platforms for different people!

    For a more PDF-like experience with the online version, you can change the layout to "paper view." It navigates just like a PDF.

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