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Thread: Question for Administrators.

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    Question for Administrators.

    Will this site provide an icon to the threads we take part in as Scout has done? If you're already doing it, let me know the icon. It certainly makes it easy to jump back into the discussion.

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    There is an icon

    Blue square, diamond inside, x inside of that.

    You can see all the icons at the bottom of the boards page, for example,

    There are also icons to lead you to the first new post in a thread (down arrow) and other features I still haven't explored yet.

    Put your mouse over and of the blue icons to see what they do until I can find a good list to post.

    Here are some of the icons:

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    You can "subscribe" to a thread

    That way, you'll get email notification if anyone adds to the thread.

    Thread Tools / Subscribe to the Thread.
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    bear insider crashing

    when I go to this website, my browser often hangs (crashes). Only way to recover is to force quit. I don't have this problem on any other website.

    I use TWO current Macs, and both have this problem.
    I wonder if my firewall is stopping something that BI requires.

    Any helpful suggestions on what to check???

    I dont need easy, I need possible. Jorge Gutierrez

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